Epic: UT3 could release in December, with extra content

Speaking on the UT forums, Epic' Mark Rein said:

"Yes, there is a chance it will come out in December.

In addition there is some good news as well. A little extra time in development means that now the PS3 version will have all of the same maps as the PC version which wasn't previously expected to be the case."

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riqued4087d ago

I can wait a month for additional maps =)

xaphanze4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

we just want it by the end of the year.

but with all the games coming out how the hell am I gonna get cash?

sonarus4087d ago

am quite happy its delayed. All those november games just gotta have em all

aaquib54087d ago

1 month for a few extra maps, free of charge. Plus, I can play HAZE and Call of Duty 4 in November, and switch it up to some sci-fi Unreal in December.

CaptainMeatwad4087d ago

I was pretty torn between buying UT3 or Haze, since they were gonna come out on the same day. Now, I can just buy Haze and have fun with that until UT3 hits.

Yay me :)

skynidas4087d ago

well it looks like is worth the wait

akaFullMetal4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

sure i can wait a month, if its a month ( lets cross fingers) to get all of the maps now and everything, then fine, i guess we all have to wait and see

Violater4087d ago

Its only a chance we will see it this year, I think its safer to assume we wont.

mighty_douche4087d ago

what you on about? this game is still expected in november! like Mark Rein said theres a chance (CHANCE!!!) it might be december, its not going to be next year!

Lumbo4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

Midway (the distributor for UT3) made an announcement that the release frame for the PS3 version changed from Q4_07 to Q4_07-Q1_08 = Midway expects a delay till early 08 latest.

Mark then commented on that with the statement that he HOPES to get the PS3 version out still in late December, but only if its done by that date. If its not completely finished it will come out in early 08 cause Epic won't ship nonfinished games.

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d3l33t4087d ago

not everyone lives at home. hell not everyone lives with anybody! my place is a gamerz heaven. well, because i live by myself! but as you put it, i have a J0B and i still cant afford 65$'s a game!

Bathyj4087d ago

Sounds more like gamers Hell Dude. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.