UT3 not delayed ?

On the official ut forum mark rein answers to the newest rumours.
mark rein: "As a public company, Midway felt an obligation to its shareholders to let them know about the possibility of a delay. But our goal is still to get the PS3 version of UT3 in stores before the end of 2007. However, we will only ship it once it's ready and is the best game we can deliver. The PC version is still on track for a November release."


mark rein said further:

"Yes, there is a chance it will come out in December.

In addition there is some good news as well. A little extra time in development means that now the PS3 version will have all of the same maps as the PC version which wasn’t previously expected to be the case."

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Shankle4034d ago

Well it's very lovely that they want to make the game perfect before they release it but if they leave it till 2008 no one will buy it. It will be completely buried by the big hitters.

jwatt4034d ago

I think if it does make it's November release there will be plenty of shooters out that month. UT3, Haze, and COD4 plus mix it up with Drake's Fortune and Assasin's Creed it's going to be a good month.

unlimited4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I agreed in 2008 Sony got just to many great big hitter game to come out that year..They have to release it this Christmas even though I don't want them rush it out because all they trying to do is make the game perfect for us. I am glad that we are getting all the same maps as the PC version. Even if its delayed the PS3 version will be the best one to purchase..

Douche4034d ago

The PS3 was missing out on some great maps but with this extra time, they will be available. I don't get it though. What exactly was the reason for the delay? Mark Rein stated the benefit of the delay (all the maps), but was that the only reason for it? I'm concerned as to why development went off track. Hopefully Rein stays true to his word along with the entire development team when they promised their best efforts for an '07 release. December is actually better since November would actually cloud UT3 with randomly every game waited for releasing then. At least people would be more able and eager to play UT3 by then with it being one of the few killer titles appearing at that time. That is if those others anticipated games aren't delayed any further. Fingers crossed.

aaquib54034d ago

I really hope they manage to get it out this year. There isn't really a lot on PS3 for FPS games this year, and next year will be jam packed with games like MGS4, KZ2, GTA4, this game will probably get lost.

fenderputty4034d ago

these guys want to miss the Christmas deadline. PS3 price drop, xmas sales, and no competition from Halo on the PS3 means the best sales this game is going to get in a short time. I sure hope they can pull it off.

aaquib54034d ago

If this was EA games or Rockstar, but Epic isn't like that. They'll release a quality product when they feel it is quality. They're not going to rely on expansions or updates to make the game better. If you look at their past games, they haven't really had bugs or issues. Even though Im pissed at the possibility of the delay, I respect Epic for their integrity.

unlimited4034d ago

They can't miss the holidays I bet you it will come out around Dec before Christmas hits they will sell a lot that time..Personaly ill be busy playing Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Haze, and Folklore. I just want more games to play during break..Unreal will be one of the great games..

Numark4034d ago

umm, who said epic doesnt release bug filled games? Have you played any of their recent games? They are known for being bug filled and not being fixed on top of that....

Canidae4034d ago

Come on Epic, you can do it. Personally I'm cool if they delay it a month as long as it drops this year.

Apocwhen4034d ago

I'd be fine with a December release. As November has COD4 and Haze I think?

the worst4034d ago

its going 2 be the same old cod1,2,3
haze is going 2 be real good

SubZero4034d ago

Played the beta for this on 360 it is musch better than the previous games. I am looking forward to UT 3 and haze but COD4 is a must buy

UnasFortuna4033d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. The Beta Testing for COD4 was much better than the previous installments. Was lucky enough to get two tokens to play the Beta for most of its availability with my kid and friends. I am eager to get my hands on that game as well; but, I must admit I am more stoked for Unreal Tourn

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