This Kinect video will blow you away

GB: "People have been doing some strange things with Kinect and this one will probably will blow your mind. In this video you will see John Boiles controlling characters in Valve’s Source game engine using the Kinect. This requires the use OpenNI to process skeletal data which is sent to Lua scripts running in Garry’s Mod. Check it out below."

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halocursed3687d ago

Epic stuff with the Garry's Mod and Kinect!

jaidek3687d ago

It's amazing the indies are doing more with the system than Microsoft is.

Redgehammer3687d ago

I disagreed
And how do you quantify what Microsoft is doing? Have you watched the making of Kinect videos? They are filled with MS p roof of concept videos that illustrate the potentiality of Kinect and its possible uses.
It is awesome what the indie people are doing; but, I believe it is way to early in Kinects lifetime to be so dismissive of what MS may or may not be doing. IMO, Kinect is rife with untapped and yet to be created experiences, that I, as a gamer, am greatly looking forward to seeing come to fruition.

Mcardle3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Just because game developers don't show things off at such an early stage, Doesn't mean M$ aren't doing amazing stuff such as this in up-coming games, and to think otherwise is just foolish.

TheDivine3687d ago

I really love the possibilities kinct has. I cant wait for a much higher fps and double the points of the skeleton it reads so individual fingers could control games while sitting down. No body movements just hands pointing pinching and pushing like a big itouch tv. Imagine diablo 3 like that. Great potential. They need to make it w a processor so it can run your tvs, 36- and pc. Changing channels and pinching for picture in picture, sweeping hand for volume man this is the beginning of the future. You may hate it as a gaming perifial but its innovative. I also love the MS table thats like a giant coffee table ipad. Set your phone or camera on it and it puts your pics on it, really cool.

DualConsoleOwner3687d ago

meaning they are not suffering from USB bottle neck that Kinect has on Xbox 360...

so indies have huge advantage when making games for PC because of this reason.

nveenio3686d ago

Looks buggy to me. Also, this is just something that's tracking major movements. I'm pretty sure the big red ball game already does this. Not impressive at all.

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BakedGoods3687d ago

Kinect + Gary's Mod = epic. Nice find!

Perjoss3687d ago

All they need now for a good VR environment is some kind of 360 degree running machine type device so you could walk around inside your games and not bang into walls in your house :)

BlackKnight3687d ago

How do you have 6

It looks fun as hell. Gmod would be so fucking cool (already is but even more) with that. Still alot for kinect though....

FinalSpartan3687d ago

GTA with kinect haha play inside the game with your body lol

Lord_Doggington3687d ago

for some reason, i just can't see gabe newell doing this...

bluwulf3687d ago

It's a shame that theres never anything running on the 360 + Kinect that can be described as blow worthy.

This just proves that MS bought the Kinect camera, instead of spending money on their own R&D, they spent it on advertising. So they sold a webcam to people, without anything to play as promised...and nothing even in the pipeline. No integration with current titles, nothing. So now every kinect owner has to watch videos of it doing 'amazing' things on the pc. Just lists of games they may or may not be able to deliver on. from Natal to Kinect, Kinects reality is reading lists/watching PC demos...

yea sure, ms has a great plan for kinect. but its not software related.

taylork373687d ago

How was Kinect bought by MS? They developed it with the hopes of allowing other developers to use it.

I don't understand what is wrong with developing the camera and having other talented developers utilize it to make unique games.

Stop trolling.

sashimi3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

its common fact that Microsoft bought Kinect tech via
Microsoft are not the creators of the tech so bluwulf is kinda right

taylork373687d ago

To act like they did no work on it is laughable, and again why does it matter?

By this thinking, we should be knocking Sony for doing the same thing with exclusive Sony developers like Naughty Dog which is a subsidiary of Sony. Sony technically purchased all of the work ND does.

SIX3687d ago

The tech is impressive, but this proves that it's still not ready. Just look at the mo cap lag and jitter all over the place. They will probably nail it or come close when Kinect 2 comes out.

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cyborg3687d ago

Playing Counter Strike using Kinect? Endless possibilities. Esp, with MS releasing the code for PC officially.

KotC3687d ago

Funny, corny and cool at the same time.

RedDead3687d ago

3D, Kinect, Source engine sword game.

Perjoss3687d ago

Its quite ironic,
we are all already trapped inside a Matrix while machines extract our electrical pulses to keep them powered. Now we are inventing VR environments to play while we sit in our VR environment.

ObnoxiousGamer3687d ago

Kinect is really going to be amazing once they start venturing into other gaming genres

Philaroni3687d ago

I hope that is the case but I still have high doubts about this being used to make a gaming experience that people want. At the end of the day it is still a very limited device and needs lots of clever code to make it use the information correctly to translate in to gameplay.

Its like all those cool concept cars you see, they are cool but at the end of the day not very piratical and consumer viable. I worry people are getting there hopes up just because of some tech demos and hacks.

Not disagreeing with you just saying from a design perspective there is not much to work with.

It will be great for the family and causal gamer but beyond that I don't think it has a future any place else till the 2.0 version of Kinect.

ObnoxiousGamer3687d ago

I don't mean like shooters, but possibly racing games, maybe some puzzle games, even some variation of an RPG/action game it could be very feasible. Could you imagine an FPS adventure game where you have to grab the items and physically interact with the environment?

Philaroni3687d ago

Funny you say that, one of the places I am doing an internship at was looking at Kinect for use in education for people with motor disorders and physical deformity. Example being people who are born with those tiny hands.

I see it being cool for that kind of stuff, but does any gamer really want to hold there hand up and try to interact with every character and object they encounter? Try to use it for 30 mins just for navigation and you get tired.

We just pitched an Idea to get Deal or No Deal and Millionaire as Kinect games. Along with wheel of fortune.

Things like that it would be great for and am surprised we have not already seen them. Though for the games the core players wish to play, well, Kinect was never really designed for the core in mind. MS will never admit it but they just wish to expand there market. I do like Kinect and all the potential it has but at the end of the day it is a limited device that can do a few things very well, and the rest not at all. What will make it good is if Dev's stick to what it is strong at and not try to make games that are better set for a controller.

Redgehammer3687d ago

I don't think a Kinect 2.0 needs to come out, but rather a series of firmware updates could accomplish so much.

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