EA Fails To Disclose SecuROM in Dragon Age II

Consumer advocacy and anti-DRM site Reclaim Your Game has discovered SecuROM in the PC, disc-based version of Dragon Age II. This revelation comes in spite of numerous assertions by EA and Bioware that the game would not contain SecuROM, and despite the lack of disclosure in the game's EULA. gives you the details.

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theherp804096d ago

wow thanks a lot ea. Hilarious pic. btw

rrquinta4096d ago

Yeah, great way to reward your paying customers.

TheLiztress4096d ago

Goodness, this is just more reason for me to avoid the PC version of the game.

BlackKnight4096d ago

You mean disc-based PC version.

Steam for the win.

TheLiztress4096d ago

Yes, that is what I meant.

Sano644096d ago

Thanks for the post, I always hated SecuROM! You should not haver to jump through so many hoops just to remove it from your computer after uninstalling a game.

rrquinta4096d ago

Thanks - I hate it with a passion and am so mad that I actually believed EA/Bioware when they said this wouldn't have it... if I hadn't already installed the game I would return it.

a_bro4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

EA, seriously, want to protect your game? use steam. SecuROM is such a POS.

theherp804096d ago

wait does EA not have their games on steam? that's just crazy.

rrquinta4096d ago

Yeah, EA has their games on steam but they have sliding DRM. Like Steam versions will usually just have the Steam interface as DRM, the digital version elsewhere often has securom, and the disc version has its own DRM...

a_bro4096d ago

they have their games on steam, but they dont support their games with steam to the fullest, aka steamworks.

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