Nintendogs Outsells Halo and 20 other jaw-dropping "truths" from the internet

It's hard to take Wikipedia seriously. Anyone with functional hands can log on and edit nearly any entry of the sprawling database. Don't agree with their page about the history of Dr. Pepper? Log on and change it. If enough people complain, sure, it might get fixed, but in general everything is up for grabs.

With that in mind, GamesRadar presents the "List of best-selling video games." The page is locked, so it's not open for rampant editing. The page also lists all its sources. Seems like it's totally legit, huh? Curious to see what information such a list would hold, GamesRadar waded through the numbers, stats and lists and came away dumbfounded. Most of the list sounds right, but listen to some of these doozies:

1. Nintendogs is the third best selling console game of all time. The series has sold more copies than Halo and Halo 2 combined.

2. For all its supposed popularity, God of War hasn't sold as many copies as Silent Hill 2. Granted, the latter has been out for a long time, but God of War had much stronger word of mouth and a larger web presence. This list also doesn't mention how God of War II has sold, though it's assumed that it's performing quite well.

3. As a franchise, Driver has outsold Metroid. Typing that caused us physical pain. This data doesn't include Prime 3 though, so there's still hope.

4. Donkey Kong games have outsold all Sonic games. Poor guy's not even competition for DK, much less Mario.

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PS360WII4032d ago

5. There are only four million-selling PSP games - two of which are Monster Hunter.

6. Compare that number to the DS' 26 titles that have surpassed the million mark.

which is why DS has more games being made for it and not to many devs want to make a PSP game. They have to fight the homebrew.

And for those who say NGC was 3rd place;
9. GameCube is generally thought of as the loser of the last generation, but it had many more million-selling games than the first Xbox.

Intresting no?

cloud3604032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Wow it took 2 games to outsell FFVII. is that even fair

I know for a fact that the best selling games list was edited by a nintendo IP. You have to check that page out on wikipedia a lot of false info bout PS2 games and hardly any xbox or ps2 games where updated. Also it says FFX part 2 sold 3 mil but when u click on the FFX part 2 page it says it sold 5.5 mil

FFX actually sold 7 mil

cloudstrife4032d ago

What a joke i read no rpg game has ever outsol FFVII. that part about pkmon has to be a lie.

Or do you mean it counts two games as one when most people buy 2 pkom games in japan to collect all the pokemons

djt234032d ago

Worldwide Million Selling Software

Pokemon Red / Green / Blue
Japan 10.23
America 11.44
Others 9.70
Total 31.37

remember that is not all the pokemon games it is only 3

jlytle12344032d ago

ive been saying this all along. Reviews and sales dont me anything. A game is good because you played it and liked it and nothing else. The halo phenomenon that the media overhyped is rather small compared to the pokemon phenomenon. Little kids are the biggest market and the ds and wii are geared for that market. And now that publishers are seeing the green, it wont be long before devs are forced to pump out nintendogs and other crap like theres no tomorrow. Thats why i hate the wii and ds so much. They will cause publishers to go for the quick buck instead of pouring millions into an epic work of art that wont sell like pokemon or nintendogs.

gunnerforlife4032d ago

of course sails mean everything, if a game dosent sell more than a sertion point in numbers then its considered a flop, and therll be no sequels for that game.

gunnerforlife4032d ago

Nintendo says it has sold 2.4 billion video games. That's a shockingly high number, no doubt, but this list claims Sony sold more than a billion games on PS2 alone. Wonder if they're bundling original PlayStation games with that number? now thats what i call numbers. and it sound true as well cuz i bet nearly every single ps2 owner has more than 10 games.

Gahigiddy4032d ago

Ps2 has an attach ratio of 10. Meaning, with 100million consoles sold, 1 billion games were sold. PS1 I think was the same. Nintendo's entire lifetime is almost surpassed by 2 consoles.

PS360WII4032d ago

no telling if they did add in ps1 along with it. Though you can't argue that both is an insane amount of games sold regardless of 2 systems vs 4.

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