Why No One Will be Looking at the NGP’s Biggest Feature

Since the initial announcement of Sony’s Next-Generation Portable, aptly named the NGP, people have raved over its myriad of features, but they seem to be skipping over the most important one that’s actually on the back.

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Chaostar4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Nice read, I haven't put much thought into the NGP yet, the back touch pad is very interesting though. They fixed the one complaint I had about the PSP, which was the lonely analogue stick.

Joni-Ice4876d ago

Yeah I also feel the touch pad is a very important and gamer changer feature. I can see other companies implementing that feature in upcoming hardware.

Sev4876d ago

It's definitely something that opens up doors for more unique gameplay opportunities.

Like most things, it's really up to developers to utilize it.

JOLLY14876d ago

How is it a game changer? it has been on the backflip cell phone for years!

sikbeta4876d ago

Man, I can't wait for that thing, I want NGP NAOW!! XD

FlashHero4876d ago

bleah sony fans just see the system and nothing more.
touch pad is nice but its not gonna work right.

newn4gguy4876d ago

Worst trolling I've seen in months.

Joni-Ice4876d ago

Do me a favor FlashHero, go back in your closet.

ceballos77mx4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )


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pain777pas4876d ago

There will be many uses from basically representing l2 and r2 to full out games controlled by the touch pad. 2d games could be very interesting with the touch screen let alone Little Deviants type stuff. I cant wait till this comes out and then I dont know what the future holds for me and gaming as 2 out of the 3 are catering primarily to the casual market.

SaiyanFury4876d ago

Wow, I rarely read through an entire article, but it was well written. I don't entirely agree with the author's views on console series being on a portable, but at least his reasoning was well thought out. That's a lot more than I can say for what I've seen Jim Sterling come up with. The real draws for me to the NGP or whatever it ends up being called, are the large, crystal clear screen (vastly superior to my original 1001 PSP) and the second analog atick. It's cool that it's touch screen, though I don't personally plan on using it. the touchpad on the back is certainly interesting, but I honestly don't expect it to be an NGP-defining experience. Maybe I'm wrong. All I know is I might actually start enjoying the portable experience again. The lack of a second stick really started to get on my nerves 2-3 years ago. Trying to play Tenchu: Time of the Assassins was infuriating with the lack of a second stick to control the camera. Thank you Sony for listening to people and companies for needed features. We'll all love the NGP:)

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doctorstrange4876d ago

I really can't wait to see what comes out of the back touchpad, hopefully it'll really lead to some innovative stuff

BigWoopMagazine4876d ago

INNOVATION!!! Sometimes I feel like a broken record, spouting this word where ever I go while talking about games. It's why I hate the new CoD games. It's why I love Borderlands! It's why Portal was one of the most popular games on the Orange Box!

However, many touch screen games will translate well simply because using the pad in the back means your finger and hand won't block the view any more. Going the extra step with it and doing something unique... well, we'll see how that goes.

ddurand14876d ago

i wonder how vulnerable that screen is. im interested to see how the implement it. the demo looked like it was tedious to be honest.

anthem4876d ago

I think I would drop it trying to use the back touch pad

ceballos77mx4876d ago

Id keep it away from the little ones

ceballos77mx4876d ago

Sorry double post, phone freeze

anthem4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

For sure my son is way sneaky he would nab it up I wold have to keep it locked up with the guns lol/Side note he was playing Mario cart I come back in the room and he's on racing ppl on line I have to find out how to disable the connection lol.

joeorc4876d ago

the front screen an the back touch pad when used together allow you to "pinch" an they both react as if you did grab something with a pair of pinchers or tweezer's.

that i also think has some pretty good idea's for uses's in a game interface interaction between the NGP an the player.

Philaroni4876d ago

Ya, cool things will come of it. To be honest I hope cell phones pick this up down the road as I could see it being useful there as well.

You can also tap them so they are like R2 and L2 buttons more or less.

(With stroking the back pad, how many want to bet we are going to see some kind of masturbation game come out for it?)

TheDivine4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

This is something the iphone and ipad could use. Moving in nova without blocking the screen. It would work very well. The ngp looks dope but i wont buy until it has hdmi out. It will come just like the psp had psp 2000, 3000, go. They are like apple holding features back to make yearly upgrades. That said it has alot of really great features. I cant wait to upgrade my psp, its getting really outdated. Might get a 3ds but itas the same prob, i would rather wait for the 3ds light. Oh i hate bieng an early adopter but this keeps calling my name and i travel for work every week so its great to game in hotels. I hope its really powerful not just a souped up psp. I think it might be just a souped up psp as sony seemed to learn from the ps3 launch and know they need to be affordable to compete with nintendo. Hdmi is the most wanted feature for me though.

Masterchef20074876d ago

Should be great with Hentai games.

LOL just kidding but what i would love to see is casting AOE vias the touch pad that would be awesome. Or tossing a grenade as well would be good.

Philaroni4876d ago

I think it is very clever, and we are going to see many great uses of it. NPG if it does anything it is that it takes all the stuff we are use to and just does it all very well. From the rumors and talks it sounds like it will be priced right as well. I was never a fan of the PSP since it felt incomplete to me, granted it was Sony's first handheld so I cut them some slack.

Like any system what will make or break it is price and software. Right now at least it sounds like they very much understand that.