Xbox 360 Graphics On Mobile Phones

AMD has licensed the graphics processor technology behind the Xbox 360 to mobile phone chipset supplier Qualcomm.

This agreement will bring AMD's patented Unified Shader Architecture, first introduced in the Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming system, to Qualcomm's Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipset for integration on mobile handsets.

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fjtorres4033d ago

The article says nothing about the unified shader architecture, only OpenGL ES. And the 360 has nothing to do with OpenGL.

AMD is in no position to license the XBOX GPU because the design was work-for-hire and MS owns the design.

AMD can license "elements" of the technology behind the GPU but not the GPU chip or even the design. They could license a different implemetation of unified shader tech (NVIDIA owns one too) but that's nowhere mentioned in the linked article.

"The licensing of AMD's industry-leading OpenGL ES 2.0 IP for integration into our chipset solutions allows us to continue our leadership in providing the highest quality graphics application experience in the industry," said Steve Mollenkopf, senior v-p of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.

rbanke4033d ago

Missleading really, It takes more than 1 piece of the puzzle to produce graphics of ps3/xbox360 quality

mighty_douche4033d ago

only in a higher res....?

joking fanboy nutters....

doesnt really mean anything, i want my phone to be a phones, i have a games console to be a games console.