On articles about sexism: Why IGN was unfair to Ueda

Wolfkin: I'll recap for you. Basically IGN Editor Ryan Clements went to Japan and was at a panel for The Last Guardian where Director Fumito Ueda spoke. During the Q&A someone asked him why all his protagonists are male. Let's ignore the fact that, while I don't mean to suggest girls couldn't work in the game, it's just a stupid question. Like asking why the pet is bird-like rather than puppy-like. Anyway, Ueda says something about girls wearing skirts, and given full camera control, he doesn't want players to just upskirt all day.

This sticks with Ryan and he goes on to ask Ueda about it and Ueda makes up something about how girls only wear skirts and that would interfere with the acrobatics... then something about the character being really tiny on screen and trying to convey that if it was a girl it would be hard for her to do the same sort of things as the boy... yada yada yada you can read the article ( ) if you can't see where this is going.

Sure sexism is a problem in the industry, but this is Ueda's third game. The main character's gender choice shouldn't really be on the table. No one is asking why Naughty Dog hasn't made a female protagonist and they're working on (non-kart) game number 9.

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Shanks3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Fuck IGN.
Bunch of selfish disrespectful ignorant bastards.

RedDead3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Nice and harsh(although they deserve worse)^^^^. I like the way Ign just ignores Ico. Where one of the main characters is a female...although it was pretty clear who was the alpha character in that...the little boy did everything.

His stories often involve love from the serving person's perspective though, in Ico the kid protected her, in SotC your man does everything for the girl and um...turns into a baby because of her. In this one the giant griffin fox thing will both protect and need protection I assume.

Forbidden_Darkness3915d ago

Yeah and why is IGN talking about The Last Guardian, when so many other games have male only main characters!? There isn't many games with female leads this generation (Heavenly Sword and Bayonetta to name a couple).

This is Ueda's masterpiece and he chose a male character for the lead role for a reason.

Masterchef20073915d ago

He turns into a baby in the end? WTF i havent even played the game yet and you spoiled the ending for me.

kidding but really you should be more careful with spoilers. (and yes i havent played ICO or SOTC)

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Jezuz3915d ago

we got more important stuff to think about like the recent earthquake in japan. Hope they recover fast

Pozzle3915d ago

I find it hypocritical that someone from IGN is calling out a dev for being sexist, when the site basically lives off 'babeology' articles and porn star stories.

Dagobert3915d ago

True, but I guess sexual exploitation of women equals to gender equality these days.

George Sears3915d ago

What's so sexist about damn preference? If he decided to make a game about a boy then I don't see what is so wrong about it. Ueda can put freaking flying pigs and double rainbows everywhere if he so desires.

If Ryan doesn't like it then he should make a game and put whatever the hell he wants in it.

clrlite3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

That one dood(Ueda) might be cooler than the whole of that website at this point. They keep giving me reasons to IGNore their articles.

I wonder who has more integrity Ueda, or IGN.

tawak3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

its because last guardian is ps3 exclusive so ign is bugging them off and being disrespectful to ueda to make him release it multiplat

Masterchef20073915d ago

Ueda has to much pride to do that.

ps921173915d ago

Well considering Sony is making the game I doubt the game will go multiplat.

But thats just what my opinion which can always be wrong.

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