Crysis Multiplayer Beta Impressions

With Crytek nearing its release of what is arguably the most graphically intensive video game yet developed, hardware manufacturers (as well as Windows owner Microsoft) are hoping Crysis will fuel interest in PC gaming and high-end gaming hardware. Over the last couple of years, the game's visually groundbreaking single-player mode has been showcased extensively, making the game one of the most exciting upcoming PC exclusives. Less publicized, however, has been Crysis' multiplayer mode--and, as recently found during the multiplayer beta currently being operated, there's a lot more to it than one might have guessed...

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Jinxstar4036d ago

Sweet got my gaming rig all set up for release. Cant wait !!!!!

THX71684035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

By "like you guys" do you mean PC gamers?

If so, since when are PC gamers on "the defensive?" Last time I checked the PC has far greater games than the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.

(accidentally replied to incorrect comment but title explains who it's directed towards)

VirusE4036d ago

Halo 3 day 1 sales > crysis life time sales.

That being said different strokes for different folks. For being such a bad game you guys sure are obsessed with talking about halo. I don’t waste much time talking about games I don’t think are good but then again I am not on the defensive like you guys are either.

4036d ago
AnalFace4036d ago

Wow that really WASNT funny. Report as spam.

synetic4036d ago

VirusE you know that game CARS that sold +6m in several systems together .. well the game sucked so bad but it still sold a lot :).. yup at least crysis is not farcry 1.5 like halo 2.5 i mean halo 3

ps -> for the record i even more addict to halo 3 than you (if you ever played halo lol )but since i have brains i admit what i see and halo3 is just a remake of halo 2 ... yeahh first 2 days i miss school and played 17 hours/day can you make better ;)

Bolts4036d ago

Crysis own everything on the console. The PS3's Warhawk is really fun online but the graphics just doesn't measure up. Halo 3? LOL, 640p graphics and run of the mill gameplay can't even touch Crysis.

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QUNE4036d ago

I just tried a couple hours ago to get into the open beta but it's closed already.......

Oh well..

GLS_19854036d ago

you are an unlucky man, I got my own cd key and I am one from the luckies how will test this game before month of it is release...this is cool...I cannot wait to finish downloading the beta :)

sak5004036d ago

Downloading the beta got the key as well. Hope my rig gets back up soon can't seem to find the replacement water pump.