Critic blames video games for cop killing increase

Cop killings are on the rise in the US and Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, a law enforcement trainer and author of On Combat and On Violence blames video games. Some quick stats before we go into Grossman's statements. There have been 54 officer killings this year, a 60% increase from last year and the worst since 1975 when there were 99. Too bad they couldn't blame video games back then. Or could they have?

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chrno4034d ago

hmm since this only happens in the US this means it has to do with Americans, not video games.

PS3n3604034d ago

1975 saw the pull out of american troops from the Vietnam war. At that time a dramatic escalation in violent crime was also noted. Is it a coincidence that violence in american society escalates at times of war? Not at all. We are living in a time When the american government is filling our heads with hate propaganda to further its political agenda and distract the public from the real issues of socio-economics such as health care pensions and massive layoffs. These are the issues which make people desperate frustrated and angry. To think that there will be no localized trickle down effect of that aggression in the middle east is completely naive. Games are not at fault. Games imitate life and this is the violent world we live in at the moment. Blaming the games is a cop-out (no pun intended)

green_ghost54034d ago

What exactly do you mean "only Americans" every country has problems.
So lets not pretend like yours is so much better.

rbanke4034d ago

Its become the american way, Blame everything but the problem. It can never be a persons fault, that person had to have outside motivation!

silent ninja4034d ago

wrong wrong wrong

cop killing is on the rise because guns are not banned

green_ghost54034d ago

What are you kidding me, go fu*k yourself. Firearms will never be banned. you are just as bad as this LT.col d*ckwad..Firearms have nothing to do with it.....It's stupid people. We will keep our second amendment...THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. I own 7 rifles, 2 pistols, 3 shotguns...I don't go around and kill people, your just looking for a scape goat and Firearms must be it for you.....F*cking piece of sh*t liberal.

Rooted_Dust4033d ago

And who is going to protect you when you are totally unarmed and the only people who didn't turn in their guns are the criminals? The Police? When was the last time someone was shot in sight of a policeman? If a policeman was present for every fatal shooting we wouldn't waste so much time with murder trials, especially when you would have an officer to testify. You are the only person responsible for your protection and your family's. Perhaps you are willing to sacrifice your life for gun control, but I have no intention of becoming a lamb for slaughter or a fish in a barrel.

xionpunk4034d ago

one of the comments on that page was
CaptainAmericaX "Or maybe because most cops are corrupt poor excuses for human beings..." what an a$$hole. Isnt it nice how punks get a speeding ticket and then all of a sudden police are "corrupt". My dad is a cop and it sucks to know that he protects a bunch of unappreciative d1cks like that.There have been a lot of times where he should have died, as well as the cops he works with.Dont believe all the recent BS against the police,
people will say anything to discredit the cops when they screw up...

sovietsoldier4034d ago

maybe it is because cops now days break more laws then the offender. cops now are trigger happy cowboys with no regard to civil rights and due proses. just look at the black men shot in new york out a night club,or the tazzering of a collage student. my fight with police with be in connection to all and more like--waco,ruby ridge,move murder shootout,killing of terry schiavo, the list could go on for ever! if they want to know why they should first look at them selves!

xionpunk4034d ago

what a load of sh1t. Yeah, there are some screwed up cops out there, but the majority are just doing there job to make a living. Without them these people whose civil rights are being "disregarded" would be severely
f***ing up the country, well more than they already are.

green_ghost54034d ago

Not all cops are like that, yeah there are a lot of them, granted, I grew up around them. The ones I did grow up around were all good, in fact a lot of them won't even drink they are so straight laced. jesus you people are as bad as JT, blame it on American's, Blame it on firearms, blame it on cops.

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