The plot thickens - Another 40GB PS3 found on

Another important confirmation of the existence of a 40gb Ps3 has been discovered and here's what ps3fanboy had to say:

"As if we needed further confirmation that the 40GB PS3 is on its way are listing such a creature on their website. Though it is not yet available, and has no price attached to it, there is a sign up sheet where you can express interest by submitting your email address. The listing says that the 40GB PS3 will lack any backwards compatibility and will have only two USB ports. We're curious that there is no mention of the memory card readers as we would have suspected those to be the first to go, before the USB ports.

The biggest piece of information to come out of this (other than an all-out confirmation that the 40GB is going to happen) is that Europe (or, at least, the UK) will be getting a slice of the 40GB pie. This is great news considering David Reeves, president of SCEE, has stated that a price cut will not be happening this year in European territories, instead opting to produce "value added bundles" like the starter pack. How much the 40GB will cost in Europe is still a mystery, though a £299 price point has been kicking around recently."

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nasim4036d ago

However FF13 and KZ2 will see the end for x360 and wii in march next year.

This 399$ ps3 will still increase ps3 sales no doubt in NA by multiple folds

bootsielon4036d ago

Is worse than not having memory stick readers.

MikeGdaGod4035d ago

for me, it was more important to have the card slots than bc. bc is nice to have but the only ps2 game i still own is GoW2. everything else i gave away.

once i moved on to the next gen systems, i stopped caring about last gen. i know that sounds bad but its the truth. i guess thats why after i got my ps3 i stopped caring about 360.

i guess since i bought the ps3 when i it had the EE chip in it, it'll be worth some money..........anyone interested in a 120gig PS3 with EE chip?

Andronix4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I don't believe that a PS3 wouldn't have backwards compatibility.

Sky News originally made this claim, and i think they got confused with the original PS3s that had the PS2 chipset built in which has since been removed.

The Euro PS3s & the new 80GB PS3s have BC that works via software. Improvements to this come via the firmware updates. This BC does not come from any hardware that can be removed to cut cost, ie it is free for Sony to implement in the PS3.

Whatever else the PS3 might have removed it wont be the backwards compatibility.

Razzy4036d ago

This has got to be the worst kept secret so far in the gaming industry.

doomsonyman4036d ago

i don't care what sony does as long sa they sell more consoles globley. your the chosen one sony, now your starting to act like it

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The story is too old to be commented.