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Derekvinyard133651d ago

over 100 million all together for the gta series. good job R* earned it for there hard work and not sending us out rehashes of the same game.


i do need to finish it at some point ive finished all the others,just this one bored me to tears

anyway well done R* you changed gaming as we know it

Caleb_1413651d ago

I thought GTA IV was the best in the series to date! The graphics, combined with a much more believable storyline were what sealed the deal for me... not to mention the inclusion of MP!

Don't bring up the Saints Row argument of there not being enough action. Sure R* could've done a better job after you finished the game (nothing really to do) but don't go saying it wasn't fun like SA was. It took a different more realistic direction which added to the game, while retaining what GTA is all about... mindless violence :D and besides if your looking for SA style fun I feel the TBOGT more than filled that need imo

jimbone793651d ago

Caleb I agree with you, however my favorite thing about it was the euphoria engine. That thing is just amazing to me. I could just ride around for hours hitting people with the car just to watch them tumble realistically. It’s the same with RDR, I love the way the NPC react to their environment.


thats whats good about gaming opinions we all enjoy different things bubbles to both of you

DaTruth3651d ago

I didn't know what these guys were talking about... till I tried to play it through again!

Got halfway through and was like... F&^% THIS!!!

But pushing people down stairs and in front of trains was great fun!

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Titanz3651d ago

Hopefully, the Grand Theft Auto series won't suffer from the same hate as the Call of Duty franchise does.

realiks3651d ago

they don't release same thing every year. :p

-Mezzo-3651d ago

I loved GTA 4, so many people hate it for many different reason, I know it isn't San Andreas, but it a great game in it's own right.

SuperLupe3651d ago

Yep only GTA game I ever got into.

Lucreto3651d ago

It was the only one I enjoyed. I written off the series due to immaturity of the previous titles. I got the game and dlc for cheap last year after I heard it was different.

I hope the next game doesn't take a step backwards.

Buho3651d ago

Great sales, but GTA IV was over-hyped and its not the game many were hoping it would be(myself included).I hope GTA V is better.

tablav3651d ago

But that's because people were hoping it'd be San Adreas 2.0.

Considering it was the first game on the current gen of consoles taking the series in new directions, it thought it was an epic game. Things can only get better from here on out, I think.

Daz3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

GTA IV on pc is the best becuase of mods etc.

tablav3651d ago

I don't have a PC powerful enough for gaming anymore (my last one took to filling up my room with smoke then exploding), but I have to agree with this. If I still had a monster PC, GTA modded in the only game I'd ever play.

Ambivalent_3651d ago

Where did you get those pics? They look awesome, especially the first one.

Daz3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

There my pics i take with fraps. But the only trouble with the pc version is you need a powerfull pc becuase it not optermzed very well.

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