Halo 3 A Top Rental And Orange Box Makes Strong Debut

Gamasutra posted last week's Gamefly rental charts - Halo 3's on top, which isn't a huge surprise, but this paragraph was notable:

"For the third straight week, the top five all-platform requests are identical to the top five Xbox 360 requests, reflecting the same movement and demonstrating a telling dominance for the console in the rental market."

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Gina-get-u4037d ago

Heavenly Sword, the top renting PS3 game, is not even in the top 5 of PS3 game sales, indicating that most who've tried it aren't buying it. Triple-A indeed.

bung tickler4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

or they beat it while they rented it since it is only about 6-7 hours long... so why buy it then? however just cz they didnt buy it doesnt mean its not a good game. just not one worth $60

jiggyjay4036d ago

Heavenly Sword is the best thing comeout since the invention of bread! it has 10 GB worth of sound!! LOL too bad they wanted it to sound better rather than longer gameplay! Remember how the Sony Fanboys were giving GoW crap because it was 9-10 hours long! Compared to heavenly sword thats an eternity!

ceedubya94037d ago

because my PS3 is starving for a game. But when you take into account that Halo 3 is out now, Orange Box is coming really soon, and the game is just way too short for 60 bucks, its just really hard to make that jump. I'll definitely gamefly it though. I believe it at least deserves to be played.

lawler4037d ago

Regretting my orange box purchase, hl2 episode 1 is a buggy sack of sh*t.