Xbox 360 Blue and Pink Wireless Controllers Released Today

Microsoft has sent word that the Xbox 360 blue and pink controllers have been released, they even sent along 4 photos of the new controllers for you to check out.

Xbox 360 is adding a splash of color to the holiday season with the release of new Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers in pink and blue on Oct. 2, each offered for an estimated retail price of $49.99 (US). The whole family can enjoy Xbox 360 with these bright additions to the "chill" and black Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers.

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PimpHandHappy4037d ago

do play the 360!

dam that thing is ugly.

Frulond4037d ago

you stole it from me... that thing is really ugly <.<;

Crazyglues4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

To or in my opinion this blue is ugly as hell, I can understand the pick because more and more girls are playing games.

But the blue- that's just ugly. What I would have like to have seen is custom controllers to go with games, a black carbon fiber PGR4 controller with PGR4 written or sprayed on the side.

A Gears of war black controller with the little head sprayed on the tip.

what about a mirror reflected color like yellow that's like master cheif's helmets glass cover. That controller would be crazy, with a like Halo 3 symbol on the back.

I mean come on I just think they could do much better then this. Step your game up Microsoft!

Yuprules4037d ago

I think if I had no choice, I would take the pink one instead of the blue. The blue one is just AWFUL, what colour is that? It isn't sky blue or navy's like toilet cleaner puck blue.

Relientk774037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

i think its

Retard No One Will Buy This Blue

razer4037d ago

That was perfect.. "Toilet Puck Blue"!!

I have to agree both the Pink and Blue controllers are ugly as sin. I guess I'm just not in the demographic they are trying to reach with these.. I could think of better choices for controllers. Another one of those WTF MS moments.