New Homefront trailer released

New homefront trailer

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Stewie2k82782d ago

Coming soon on xbox 360! why do MS keep making ads for multiplats...
oh right i know.

SpitFireAce852782d ago

This trailer has been out for a while...

dirthurts2782d ago

This game is looking pretty good, and with the recent trend of PC versions getting better and better support I'm pretty excited about it.

SynysteR2782d ago

New? This trailer has been out for nearly 2 weeks.

MidnytRain2782d ago

Yeah, I know, this happens too much. I believe a Battlefield 3 article was duplicated three or four times when all that new info clogged up N4G.

--------2782d ago

Love how they used the nerdiest British voice ever for a game set in and specifically marketed to America.