Panasonic: Blu-ray will win the war by New Year's Day

The decisive battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD is at hand, says a prominent Panasonic exec.

Blu-ray manufacturers are going to start cutting prices and go out on a promotional binge this holiday season, Matsushita Electric Industrial's Kazuhiro Tsuga said during a briefing with reporters at Ceatec, a large tech trade show that started here Tuesday. At Matsushita, which is best-known for its Panasonic brand name, Tsuga is an executive officer who oversees networking efforts, some home electronics technologies and overseas labs, and other areas.

By the end of the Christmas season or the end of the first quarter, the writing will be on the wall. The format war in earnest may last only another year, he predicted.

He also downplayed Paramount Pictures' commitment to release movies on HD DVD exclusively, saying it only lasts for 18 months, and argues that studios are going with HD DVD "because big money came" to them.

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nasim4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

atpresent BD outsells HD DVD 4:1 in EU

9:1 in JAPAN

2:1 in NA

dont forget mega disney titles along with Spidey 1,2,3 and Pirates 3, Ocean's 13 are hitting BD this FALL,2007

@ Blood mask BOTS and other XTARDS

this is the sales scenario at present

Blu-ray HD DVD

Salesrank of top 25 products:

Current leader: BD

260.68 596.56

in UK



in JAPAN only HD DVD titles that are selling are PORN MOVIES

dont worry ur garbage box 360 will also die with HD DVD this fall

@CUCOO the garbage BOT

SONY is slashing the prices of BRAVIAS this FALL

what HDMI ..ps3 is the only thing that supports HDMI 1.3

JAPAN has a very high penetration of HD TVS and so are some parts of EU

u sound like typical garbage BOT who is embracing a dying console and a dead format

OCTOBER is the DOOMS MONTH for MS,x360 and HD DVD


cuco334124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

1st off, wouldn't this be the 5th time HD DVD is dead as per BDA members?

2nd, HDM market in Europe is ridiculously small. 'Outselling' 4:1 of chump change is nothing. To top it off, the HDM market here in the US alone is so minute that it's still too early for a winner (or stalemate). Last figures were around 2% of all movie sales were in high def in the US alone. Japan isn't a market to enter for HDM. Why do you think all the talk is in the USA? oh and your 2:1 is more like 1.5:1 buddy and being that BD costs more to produce studios apparently are making more profit with HD DVD (one of the main reasons Para/DW switched).

Both sides have impressive lineups. Sucks you can't get Transformers and Bourne 3 huh? Wait, I can get those BD exclusive titles in HD DVD via imports if they are cataloged as HD DVD i the EU ;)

nasim, you know nothing of this format. I bet you are a scrawny young defender of all that is Sony. I would put money on it that you have no BD movies at all

This announcement of 'win' is the continuous horse sh*t that constantly comes out of the aggressive BDA camp, and people are tired of it. They are no longer credible as everything they say is a spin to push sales. Why do you think BD has flattened in sales and HD DVD keeps slowly growing?

I was actually looking forward to backing both formats up but the crud that BDA says, incompatibility issues, higher cost of an unfinished format, etc etc has led me to support HD DVD only now. If things change I will embrace BD but as it stands BD is in shambles, and everyone in the know knows it.

EDIT: how cute, look at all the disagrees I'm getting... nasim, you have a fanclub homey!

EDIT2: Back to nasim, Sony makes great TVs. How is that relevant to everything here? You scream tech specs but fail to realize that HDMI1.3 in itself is already obsolete but congratulations, I can guarantee you know nothing about the difference between 1.2 and 1.3 without googling it. Something tells me you use your PS3 on a 19" SD TV. You just fell with the rest of the masses that HDMI is the only means to send a full HD signal (in case you didn't know, it is not but it is Sony's way of marketing it together with the PS3).
Japan are tech geeks, but they aren't like the US market. They are a very small percentage of worldwide movie sales and even if they mattered, what's it to you? Japan and Europe have used technologies we Americans refused (and vice versa) and to top it off, BD is supposed to be region coded meaning you can't play BD disks from EU or JAP in USA players (pending the studios choice which usually favor region coding since it's anti-consumer and pro-studio business forcing the consumer to repurchase the same movie multiple times) so I ask again, what's it matter TO YOU how sales do in other regions but your own?!!? Would you buy the #1 blockbuster in India? No, it doesn't appeal to you. Would you buy it in the US? Yes as it'll appeal to you.
I'm no bot, I'm as neutral as can be but it's obvious months of crud from Sony and BDA has forced me to make a decision on things and now lean towards the crashbox360 and 'dead' HD DVD format. You sir are a troll. I am a gamer and use my Wii, PC, 360, PS2, Xbox1, PSP heavily, have gamed since the Colecovision/Atari/Intelivisio n era and nothing thusfar has made me want to get the PS3 now.
HD DVD is finalized, it's pro-consumer, it's cheaper to make and cheaper to buy, it's proven, has better interface, the list goes on. You are a sucker for everything Sony. If Sony took a taco sh*t and put a PS or Sony badge on it, you would buy it for $800 and order an HDMI cable for it.

Let me end with how many times have we heard 360 and HD DVD is dead? HD DVD, according to BDA, should be dead 5 times by now. 360 keeps on churning out great games. Doomsday would come to BD and PS3 long before either HD DVD or 360 died.

Lord Anubis4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

true, I wonder what is the motivation behind Toshiba besides the tremendous loss they will have to absorb after their format demise. Transformers will only be able to help them so much. Universal has done little for their format. As the PS3 continues to sell the more people adopt the blu-ray format.

Feihc Retsam4124d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves...
Yes, Blu Ray is in a better position to eventually be the definitive hi def disc format, but putting a hard date on the "END" of the "WAR" is just silly and ignorant.

Will Blu Ray have more players and movies sold by then? Yes.
WIll people stop buying HD-DVD by then? No.

As long as HD DVDs are being produced by big studios, and people are buying them, the format war wages on.

Because there are enough HD DVD players out there for someone to make some money off of them, HD DVD will still be selling well enough to be considered a contender in the next gen movie format war.

I don't like this "format war" any more than the rest of you, but making claims that it will be over at a certain date is just propaganda.

Greysturm4124d ago

If they pull out now toshiba would gain a bad reputation with their buyers by leaving them dry. My guess is they might go multiformat after the holidays suporting hddvd for those adopters but slowly integrating into the bluray piece of the pie when dvds ae finally overcome.

Rooftrellen4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

"when dvds ae finally overcome" is a good 5 years away...if the format war were to end right now.

The majority of consumers are slow to adopt new technology, and most people have said that upscalled DVDs are good enough.

Just as VHS died out very slowly (I don't know anyone without a VHS player to this day, and I do know people who would still buy VHS movies if they made them), so will DVD.

So even if you think bluray will win and Toshiba will make bluray players slowly when DVD dies out, you're looking far into the future, and possibly far enough that the next big thing will be out by then.



DVD has run out of room, you are right, but we're not talking about what this can be used for outside of movies here. Bluray may well win out as an overall storage medium just like betamax did (anything on VHS existed on betamax at one point). Mr. Smith next door doesn't care about having to switch discs to watch the LotR trilogy, though. Your average, every day person couldn't care less about the space on their optical media, so long as it can fit one of their movies.

Now, if the company Mr. Smith works for uses bluray as their optical storage media of choice, that's all good and well, but that doesn't mean he'll be going home and watching a movie on the same kind of disc. That's, quite frankly, overkill for the movie, just as the TB disc won't see the light of day for a long time, if ever, because its overkill on what consumers need for their movies or personal data storage.

solidt124124d ago

"The majority of consumers are slow to adopt new technology, and most people have said that upscalled DVDs are good enough. "

The people saying upscalled DVDs are good enough must of just bought a new DVD player and want to protect there investment. It's about more than video quality that is acceptable, it's also about room on a disc and DVD has ran out. So either way DVD will go bye bye.

Bloodmask4124d ago

even though less than 10% of people that buy DVD's have bought into HD it Bluray or HDDVD. The war will be decided by New Years..

Comedy at it's best. When either HDDVD or Bluray accounts for 51% of "total" dvd sales. Including DVD-9. Then the war will be over. Until then these articles are nothing more than PR BS.

richie007bond4124d ago

I counld not have said it better myself,i dont really know anyone else in my area who has blu ray and hd dvd movies,i have 15 hd dvds and a few blue ray films thats about it,this guys talking out his [email protected]@ its way to early to say who will win the format war,i would give it another 2 years before we can decide whos winning and whos losing,until then its anybodys guess

Antiomo4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Meaning it will be adapted eventually

fine fine fine ill be an xbox fanboy... digitial distribution will rule....

But bare in mind digital distribution is a FORMAT in itself, and it is not as standardized as hd-dvd and blu-ray

Mu5afir4124d ago

The early adopters are the ones who dictate the trends, this is why the choice a few make now is important in the long run. If Blu-Ray continues to do as well as it is doing, you can expect Toshiba to drop their format and join up with the Blu-Ray camp.

From an industry stand point, it's Toshiba vs. Everyone else.

Azurite4124d ago

It's the HD-media-war, DVDs are not included in it.
The disc-media-war comes later.

Bonsai12144124d ago

this holiday season, expect sales of HDTVs to skyrocket. they're finally affordable for the common person, and the quality is up there as well. when people go into stores and see the latest blu-ray or hd-dvd hookup, they'll be like, omfg, i can't use dvd any more. then they'll buy into one of the brands. and with price cuts and high quality titles coming to blu-ray, chances are they'll buy into that.

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damnwrx4124d ago

By the end of this year...b)
and just got my blu-ray copy of Fanatic Four 2 w/ an action figure...
b) FTW!