Is it Time to Ignore Jack Thompson?

MLG columnists Brick and blandestk write a regular series on major topics in the gaming and technology world, where the pros and cons of different views clash to expose the complexities of today's issues. Today they tackle a question as old as dirt: is it time to ignore Jack Thompson?

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Dudeson424129d ago

What a creepy looking mother-f*cker...

Cat4129d ago

some people wear their crazy on the outside.

Marceles4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

2K games should make a Jack Thompson slicer downloadable enemy and put him in Bioshock. I would love to tornado him in the air and shoot him with the shotgun with fire bullets

edit: lol @ disagreeing jack thompson supporter

Frulond4129d ago

"some people wear their crazy on the outside."
best quote ever!!!!!!!
bubble for you :D

JsonHenry4129d ago

This guy is going to kill someone and blame it on a video game he saw on display at Wal-Mart.

Then who ignore him?! WHO?!?!?! Mwuahahahahhahahahahahaaha!!

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Antan4129d ago

I ignored Thompson many many months ago.

jay34129d ago

I think everyone did...

Tsalagi4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

@$#% no!! The more chances this fool gets to show the world just how big of a dumb a$$ he is the better. I enjoy reading about the latest crazy things that Jacko tries to do to "protect the children". His antics are like watching a disaster in slow motion and they bring all gamers together to laugh at his stupidity. Keep up the "good work" Mr Thompson. We'll all be right there to "support you" (Translation for those with no sarcasm detector - We'll point and laugh as usual). LOL!!!

Adamalicious4129d ago

I think it's past time, but he'd probably just try harder - send toddlers in to buy Manhunt 2 or something.

andy0014129d ago

He actually has a point when kids can buy games which are certificated for a certain age group, but sadly the way he goes about it impacts the rest of the industry in a negative way.

Whilst I don't like the idea that 12 year olds can go out and buy 18 rated games, I do not subscribe that those games should not exist, and they definitely don't create murderers and the like. It is too easy to blame society's problems on a computer game when the reality is more frightening (that they are a product of the society they were raised in).

As for Jack Thompson, we don't have to put up with him quite as much as in the US, and we Brits would probably just listen to what he had to say in a kind of calm but bored manner, then make up our own minds whilst having a cup of tea and a biscuit

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