Saints row: the third , the new weapons

Saints row 3 new weapons

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Blad3star4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Air Strike, Predator Drone, Sex Toy Bat = Confirmed day 1 purchase.

I can see the Call of Duty parody's that they will market for this game.

Air Strike one delivering package at ground zero in 3,2,..Cancel mission repeat cancel mission, The world needs luchadores.

byeGollum4353d ago

I liek that it's called - "the third"

instead of stamping a 3 on it

hellzsupernova4353d ago

is it still going to have bad gameplay i oculdnt play the first i was just like argh!

tablav4353d ago

I think the Saints Row games play fine. What was wrong with it?

LycanSoldier4353d ago

This is one of my favourite game series, can't wait for this to release

humbleopinion4353d ago

They must import the Ostrich Hammer from Red Faction!