Joystiq Recieves a Tip: 40GB PS3 shows up in UPC database

Joystiq has received a tip that a UPC database website is now listing a UPC for the "Sony PlayStation 3 40GB." Apparently the site gets its info from GS1 sites, which give UPC information to the public. Joystiq is not certain how reliable the database is, so they're tacking "rumor" on this story for now. Interestingly, Joystiq did test various UPCs they had lying around, like the one on our copy of BioShock (710425299636) and another on a carton of Half & Half (075457427007), and all showed up correctly -- the website claims not to allow user generated data.

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Maddens Raiders4131d ago

for $399 with stripped features but it probably cost more to do that in the longrun than this new homologation. On another note, is this really the Big Bang? OR is there something else to go along with it you think? I mean -- this is one of the worst kept secrets in VG history.

nasim4131d ago

has 65nm chips

no EE +has DRAM that emulates backcatalog.

It has no card reader and l less USB port.

This would surge UK/EU sales by as much as 1000% .

in EU ps3 is so massive. Even at 800$ (roughly) ps3 outsells x360 3:1 in EU/PAL /REST OF ASIA.

in ROA/ME/SPAIN/FRANCE/GERMANY /ITALY and JAPAN x360 doesnt even exist

Violater4131d ago

Like all their announcements that get leaked before they become official.
(see Home, Rumble etc)
So yea it could be all they have, at least I wouldn't set myself up expecting more.
If there is actually more then it will be a pleasant surprise.
On the other hand they may once again drop the ball and not offer the price the way people are expecting.

pilotpistolpete4131d ago

I think they want the cheaper model to have a smaller hard drive. For most consumers, thats all that they want to know. If two versions are 60gb, then consumers will start wondering why it's cheaper, thus loosing its appeal.

Dudeson424131d ago

This whole thing is kinda turning into the "Xbox 360 Elite" thing. Everyone knows it, but the company behind it won't say a word. Just another one of the worst-kept-secrets in the industry.

What's one of the best kept secrets you ask? That I have every system at my disposal and yet still play my Dreamcast more than any of them!


EZCheez4131d ago

Both companies are just moving from different ends of the spectrum. While Microsoft adds to the 360 to appeal to a larger market and streamline their product, Sony is downgrading theirs because they packed in so much it cost a small fortune.

Let's just hope that these companies LEARN from their mistakes this generation so the next will be even more competitive.

Of course, this console war is kind of amusing. I don't think I've ever had this much fun reading about crapa I shouldn't even care about. It's just so friggin dramatic! It's like a nerd soap opera.

MikeGdaGod4131d ago


EZ i couldn't have said it better myself


Devr4131d ago

Just announce the damn thing already... Why do have to wait until the 12th ffs. :P

masterg4131d ago

Because sales on the 60GB model will drop instantly after the announcement.

bourner4131d ago

i think the big bang is kinda gone now .unless something even bigger

SL1M DADDY4131d ago

I wonder if in fact this big bang is more for the general public and not the hardcore fans that read sites like this. Most will not understand what is going on and the casual gamers will not care about the big bang but the general public will run to get their hands on the PS3 at 400 bones.

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