Xbox 360 enjoys sales spike in Halo 3 release week in the UK

According to ChartTrack (UK), the sales of Xbox 360 hardware during the Halo 3 launch week had doubled from the previous week to the highest level in 2007. Xbox 360 even managed to outsell Nintendo Wii for the first time in 26 weeks – a full half year. Halo 3 release also pushed weekly software sales for Xbox 360 to its highest level ever.

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nasim4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

BTW only old xboxers would buy an x360.

no one likes x360 in EU. The effect was very temporary due to the launch of Halo 3 . However in rest of pal region halo 3 had 0 effect.

in 2.3 years MS could sell just 1.4 m x360s in UK and 2.5 m in the whole PAL no need to get excited

the 300 pound ps3 would be launching in October. So EU totally falls to SONY domination from then

no one likes x360 in EU/JAPAN

@BOT below

anyone who wants Halo 3 already has an x360.

BTW halo 3 didnt move that much of a hardware .

VGCHARTS claims that around 125k x360s were sold this week


wait for the updates soon

darkequitus4034d ago

your propaganda is a comical joke just like comical ali.

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BIadestarX4034d ago

Dude.. can you shut up for at least 1 article? How can you possibly try to spin this into bad news for the xbox 360 or Microsoft? If Sony is paying you to come here and talk crap I feel sorry for them.. and if not.. then I feel sorry for your momma... It will take a long time for you to move out of that basement...

Mark 14034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


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toughNAME4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

everyone who wants Halo 3 already has a 360?

andy0014034d ago

There is a bit more of a reluctance to buy the 360 here in the UK. The PS2 is still very popular and the Wii has done really well too. There just haven't been very many great games and customers are unwilling to hand over £49 ($90) for the latest 'next gen' games, especially when the industry is telling the consumer that they need a HD TVand surround sound system to go with it.

Halo will shift consoles and many Xbox owners have simply been waiting for the release before going for the console. We don't get UK sales figures here but it would be interesting to see the attach rate after a couple of months as I wonder how many people are buying it for that one game and they may never buy another (a bit like the Wii and Wii sports as a party game)

sak5004034d ago

People who are blinded by sony spit like the above idiot nasim are not gamers but lamers. I suggest if u hv money and are into real gaming go and pick up a 360. Its worth it. Specially now the newer falcon version. Enjoying next gen gaming since jan 06.

EasilyTheBest4034d ago

Am I the only 1 who comes to this site to see Nasims posts.
My goodness, he makes everyone else seem really intelligent.
I come here to read his posts when Im having a bad day, its great, he makes me feel totally amazing about my own life.
Dont ignore him everyone. Try it, youll feel so much better about yourselves.

Xbox 360 enjoys sales spike in Halo 3 release week in the UK
Ummmm, what a suprise!

darkequitus4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

no. Each class has its clown. nasim is ours

he is the sort of person you see sitting in pblic, pat on the head and say ¨there, there¨

sak5004034d ago

You know is it conincidence that when Ken left sony suddenly we had nasim here?