Turok Voice Cast Revealed

Touchstone is banking on some big names to draw some attention to next year's reboot of the Turok franchise, hiring some A and B-list Hollywood talent to voice the characters of John Turok and the rest of Whiskey Company. The man himself is being played by Gregory Norman Cruz, who appears in Saving Grace as Bobby Stillwater, as well as various small Native and Latin American roles over the past three decades including Hill Street Blues (Chico) and Cop Rock (Tito). Rounding out Whiskey Company are Timothy Olyphant of Deadwood and the Hitman movie, Ron Perlman from Hellboy, Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block, Prison Break's William Fichter,Stargate's Chris Judge, Mark Rolston, Lombardo Boyar, Gideon Emery, Josh Gomez, Jon Curry, Jason Harris and Steve Van Wormer. The villainous Roland Kane will be played by the legendary Powers Boothe. Wow. That's a lot of voice talent in one small package. Here's hoping the game is half as good as the cast

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secur1ty9114037d ago

I don't know about this game --to start off the graphics aren't anything to write home about and the overall look of the game looks linear and the gameplay well only time will tell.


dachiefsman4037d ago

they are shelling out some clams for the voice talent.....Powers Boothe will be an excellent villain since he has played the villain role so well so many times.

From the videos thus far, the game is shaping up to be a killer FPS.