NCIS Writers Successfully Troll PC Gamers & MMO Players

"...It may be the most successful on-screen trolling of video gamers—the ones sure to be offended by discussion about 16-core PCs and 10 meg pipes and online role-playing gamers that dominate the high score table like the impossibly good-looking MMO master "MaxDestructo" here. It's some of the best video game television comedy writing we've seen since Life and The Ghost Whisperer had their video game episodes."

sinncross4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

'the highest score in virtually every massively multiplayer online role playing game'


TBM4886d ago

i love the show, and saw that episode i thought it was funny and didnt take offense to it as a gamer, its just a show.

evrfighter4886d ago

damn need to pick me up some of those 10 meg pipes. It's no wonder my mmorpg scores have been so low.

Focker4204886d ago

I've always hated that show.

HawkSE4886d ago

It's a really good show. The writers or consultants don't do enough research on stories like this unfortunately.

wallis4886d ago

It must have taken more effort to make that bull shit up than to just talk about real games and systems.

silvacrest4885d ago

i really like ncis but this just made me sad, with the amount of times they talk about games (only in small increments) you would think they would atleast do research

Syaz14885d ago

yeah, i remembered this one episodes where that goth chick supposedly crashed a computer by install opengl (lol wtf?), also she was playing the godfather but instead of using the wsad keys she was spamming the keyboard all the time.


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