War Rock Dev Solid on Microtransactions

War Rock and Global MU Online publisher K2 Network is the latest company to vouch for in-game microtransactions.

The online game publisher has entered a partnership with in-game commerce company PlaySpan, which will become K2 Network's official in-game virtual goods marketplace.

PlaySpan's in-game client will be integrated into K2 Network's online games as part of the multi-year exclusive agreement.

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nurayi4033d ago

this used to be a game I played quite a bit. its a pretty awesome CS/Battlefield type game but it has stuff like sprinting and rolling. The game has small maps, which are close quarter tactical maps (CS style - hostage/bomb), and 24 man-32 man battlefield style with heli's jets etc. The weapons were rented for a period of time (like a week) for a certain amount of ingame money, which you would earn as you level(rank) up. what I particularly liked was that there was a well known "bug" that you could reload by rolling (if you had enough stamina left) which made the gunfights very intense. Reminded me of an old tactical mod AoT for Unreal Tournament 99. killer game, but that bug is long gone.

Also probably the stupidest thing is after the game went retail and I got a copy, the game limited you to like 1-2 of the 8 or so killer small maps unless you were a "premium" (read: paying) member. If you didnt pay you just leveled up slower and got money slower, so it wasnt really required if you didnt care to be the top rank. But during beta, and probably even now, one of the best free PC fps games, there are a lot of competitive groups also.

sandip7874033d ago

yeh i used to play this too, its decent. i onli played it on laptop though, and got RSI lol.