Games Radar Review - The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

"Grab your stylus and plot a swirly course for one of the finest Zelda adventures yet"

Games Radar review the brand new Legend of Zelda game : Phantom Hourglass and it score an amazing 9/10
"As a single-player DS experience, Phantom Hourglass is unmatched. It lacks the legs of Final Fantasy III - PH's nearest rival - but there's little in that that can match Hourglass working at full power. The game is, in every way, the adventure of a lifetime. Whether slicing through the ocean, smiting the finest bosses the Zelda team have dredged up in years (special mention to one fight carried out from the first-person perspective of the boss himself) or simply whacking cuccos with your sword - it's one dazzling highlight after another. And we'd gladly sail the seas to play this gem."

* Wonderful stylus-driven controls
* New life in tired Zelda conventions
* Dungeon levels are spectacular
* Sparse side-quests
* Purists might not like changes
* On the ocean... again"

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PS360WII4036d ago

sweet. I know I'm one of the few Zelda fans that actually liked Wind Walker so I'm pretty happy this game is finally here ^^ also happy it's getting some (hopefully genuine) good reviews.

ALItheWISE4036d ago

I loved the wind waker ive played every zelda game except those crappy ones everyone jokes about and minish cap, which my friend is gonna let me borrow. I cant wait to get this game. Talk about a great way to kill time at work...

THX71684035d ago

The only Zelda game I have ever played and completed is "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX" for the GameBoy Color. I fell in love with that game.

Since then I have not played a single Zelda game. I think I might end that by picking this up.