Jack Thompson Responds to Judge with Animal House, Monica Lewinsky

That's pretty much what U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan told controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson in an order issued yesterday.

Judge Jordan, presiding over one of Thompson's two lawsuits against the Florida Bar, last week (in a story broken by GamePolitics) spanked the anti-game attorney for including gay porn in a filing with the Court. His Honor gave Thompson until this Friday to explain why he shouldn't be subjected to discipline in the matter, which could include a contempt of court finding.

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Lucreto4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

I always look forward to how further he will destroy his credibility.

Thompson is a uniter he is the only person that all people of all consoles get behind and hate equally.

Jinxstar4038d ago

Finish The Fight Judge!!!!!!

Azures4038d ago

Jack should pitch a sitcom to Comedy Central where he tries to do what he does in rl, except with the canned laughter.

Robeezy4038d ago

I love these stories about Jack. They are so entertaining, what a f'n clown

sak5004038d ago

Has this Jacka$$ ever been invited on jay leno or conan? I would love to see them rip him apart

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