Sales Estimates for Xbox 360 Increase, PS3 and Wii Decrease

Kaufman Bros. has revised sales estimates for the Xbox 360 this year to 17.1 million, up by 600,000 from 16.5 million, and reduced the PS3 estimates by 3.2 million from 13.5 million down to 10.3 million. They also reduced the estimates for Wii from 19.8 million to 16.3 million.

Kaufam Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell believes the early demand for the Halo 3 will boost sales for Xbox 360 in a huge way throughout the holiday season around the world.

Kaufam Bros. stated that the PS3 is simply too expensive and lacks attractive game content to garner the sales they had originally thought possible. Mitchell said Sony will have to lower the price to "stay in the game."

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nasim4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

there is no need to double post this crap

FIFA 08 has outsold HALO 3 all over EU except IRELAND /UK (narrow margin though)

in JAPAN and REST OF EU halo 3 couldnt even make it to top 3.

BTW in NA halo 3 has moved just an extra 25 000 x360s.

look out for ur beloved VGCHARTS updated SALES CHART tonight

x360 sold around 125 k just 25% increase over past week sales


jackfatal4038d ago

but not that high either!!
and if i want to be a good estimator then i will add 1-3 millions to the wii and ps3 also!!

Zhuk4038d ago

Not surprising considering only the Xbox 360 offers gamers the best games of all genres this holidays with many great titles and a great pricepoint . Having the blockbuster beating Halo 3 also helps too.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4038d ago

so I can be an analyst by throwing total random numbers that make no sense?

Halo effect is already fading.

DrRage774038d ago

let's wait til the sales numbers are out and then we can come back to your statement and laugh....again....

fjtorres4038d ago

...Sony is going to sell 6 million PS3s in three months?
that's a hell of a Christmas.
...360 to sell 5 million?
And nintendo only 4 million?
Don't think so.
What planet is he living on?
Little Big Planet?

ktchong4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

It's FISCAL year, not year.

The fiscal year in the US is 1 October - 30 September.

fjtorres4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Saying its fiscal year is even worse!
The MS fiscal year runs through June and I think Nintendo's too.
Sony's runs to March.
Way way outta line.
_____________________________ __
Wrong again: The federal government runs sept to october.
(although congressional inaction on the budget means the spending year is really march to sept.)

Companies are under no such restraints.
Different companies run their fiscal years from different dates.
Microsoft's fiscal year ends in June, the *old* federal fiscal year from before you were born. (Look it up.)

Sony's ends in March.
And the numbers *still* make no sense.

ktchong4038d ago

Yeah, it is for this year, not fiscal year.

That means there will be a lot of sales for the shopping season and Christmas.

andy0014038d ago

I am sure Kaz Hirai stated that the target was to sell 11 million consoles in the first year anyway (not sure how long the 'year' is as it was only launched in UK in March).

I am not sure about the other figures but it seems that the analysts swap and change seemingly every week on who is winning or losing. I am not sure that it matters to the general consumer, but it serves to provide plenty of flamebait for the gaming websites and increases page views so I guess it can't all be bad :o)

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The story is too old to be commented.