Zero Punctuation: Bulletstorm

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Bulletstorm, the combined effort from the two developers who brought us Painkiller and Gears of War.

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Tommykrem2870d ago

I might not always agree with Yahtzee, but he's the best reviewer there is. Also, I agree with him here :)

God he's fantastic compared to all the other reviewers out there. I mean, seriously. After going to the escapist, it's really difficult to go to even top sites like IGN and Eurogamer.

blizzard_cool2870d ago

Dude, every gamer that takes gaming seriously should watch Extra Creditz. It's SO SO SO AWESOME!

Tommykrem2870d ago

Agree! Escapist in general is fantastic!

anasurimbor2870d ago

I figured this review was inevitable, considering his admiration for the all-mighty Painkiller.

Excalibur2870d ago

You know I get where this guy is coming from with his reviews but I can only listen to them for about a min before they get on my nerves. :(

distorted_reality2869d ago

Now THAT is how you review a game.

One of his best.

hay2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Yeah, and spot on. Bulletstorm tries too hard to be a bridge between pseudorealistic shooters and pure fun.
But it's still hell of a fun.

Also storyline and action is less ridiculous than in Killzone 3 :D

distorted_reality2863d ago

Lol, i'm not going to mention KZ3 anymore. I just lost a bubble for trolling when all I did was say I enjoyed his KZ3 review.