CVG previews Prototype - Fun, dark and ultra-violent

It may be early days for Prototype - it's due out Q3 2008 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - but CVG have already tagged it as one of games to keep a very, very close eye on next year. On top of the single-player game, it'll include co-op online multiplayer for two and additional online modes - although Radical Entertainment's not talking any further about that part of the game at the moment.

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mighty_douche4034d ago

and its looking like one of the must have games of 2008!!

move over GTA, possably a new king of the sandbox genre?

marinelife94034d ago

I'm skeptical of any multiplat game nowadays after the soreness EA left in my rectum. The game is going to have to be pretty spectacular for me to even consider picking up.

khrisnifer4034d ago

Looks like CVG are super excited about this one.

id dot entity4034d ago

Although I don't own any games of Radical (because I think they all sucked) I have to say that this looks awesome!

kn4034d ago

Dark is getting old. How about some environments other than dark gray, decaying ones? How about some new environments in, you know, modern daylight places?