Analyze This: A Progress Report on the Console War

All three of current generation consoles have been battling it out in the market now for almost a year - what's the progress for Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3? Analysts from DFC Intelligence, GamerMetrics and Wedbush Morgan weigh in exclusively in Gamasutra's latest 'Analyze This' column.

They are the professional analysts whose job it is to research, keep track of, advise their clients, and opine to the media about the gaming business. Analyze This cuts right to the chase: Rather than reporting on a subject, and throwing in quotes by analysts to support or refute a point, Gamasutra offers up a timely question pertaining to the business side of the video game industry and simply lets the analysts offer their thoughts directly to you. Each person's opinion is his own and will (probably) not necessarily agree with their fellow colleagues'.

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jackfatal4034d ago

the beginning of the winning is this years end and through 2008!
i mean by win buy selling a lot!
my thought is all the holiday season the sales of ps3/360 will be close!
and then from 2008 the 360 will drop and ps3 will take!!
wii hhmm...??? well its always selling good but the demand for it is going only down!!

hitthegspot4034d ago

The PS3 will only have a price cut this year. There's no AAA titles, What are you going to play after you get it? Movies??? You need games to sell a system. Wii and Xbox is going to win this year and next until Sony has a compelling software line up. Sit back and watch. PS3 fanbots can bash me all they want. But right now most of the PS3 fanbots already have their PS3. An economical buyer (since that's what's left out there) is going to look at the games available for a system before they purchase. I have 5 game systems in my house (Sony, M$, and Nintendo). I'm not going to even considering a PS3 until I see some software worth the investment.

jackfatal4034d ago

so u call

ratchet and clank
GT5 prologue
heavenly sword

all these games is not AAA??
ok lets say some is not AAA but there will be at least 3 out of the 6 games i mentioned above that will have AAA!! be more realistic!
ok maybe its not ur type of game to play ratchet and clank (like me) but other younger guys will love to play it, like nintendo gamers style! or those who love the franchise!
dont u think so!!
i dont smoke and i stopped drinking:)