Manhunt 2: Nintendo Wii takes a murderous turn

USA Today reports:

The horror title Manhunt 2 will hit stores on Halloween for Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2. Since the Wii version uses the motion-sensitive controllers, it literally gives players the hands of a killer...

Players take the role of a psychiatric escapee who has murderous rages as he tries to uncover his past. On the Wii, players physically make killing motions with the controllers - slashing for stabs and lifting to strangle - rather than simply pushing buttons...

"It is a technological fit, and the gameplay works," says Newsweek's N'gai Croal. "But culturally, it's not a fit."

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cooke154037d ago

Argh I cant stand comments like that, the Wii is for EVERYONE, not just kids and mom's, just because they like it to doesn't mean manhunt 2 isn't a cultural fit for the system. RE4 sold VERY well on it and its a hardcore M rated game. I will get Manhunt 2 day one.