DS and PSP capable of bringing down planes?

You'll no longer be able to play a DS or PSP on Japanese airlines after a new law was brought into effect there on Monday.

It seems the problem lies with the handhelds' built-in wireless functions, which, Japan's transport minister has declared, have the ability to interfere with aircraft navigation systems.

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P4KY B4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Do you have any of the follwing in your hand baggage?
Flamable Liquids?
Nintendo DS?
Or Sony PSP?

With millions of people flying, that would be great free advertising for Sony and Nintendo.

The DS and PSP would be fresh in your mind while your in the duty free shops in the departure lounge.

squallsoft4129d ago

...too bad they probably dont effect the equipment on the plane. Mabey if EVERY passanger was playing a multiplayer game ad-hoc... just mabey...

Synex4129d ago

Aww man that's half the reason why I bought my PSP. Granted I have only flown about 4 times.

squallsoft4129d ago

...when I got my PSP it was over christmas. i spent that christmas with my girlfriend who was at the time living in California. I was living in Pennsylvania so i had an entire 8 hour flight to enjoy my PSP! it was great. XD


SmokeyMcBear4129d ago

you can turn the wireless off you know, i always do on plane flights

Fezthebest4129d ago

Thats what i do tooo i just turn it off and play games/ listen to music. And hasn't someone actually proven that wireless devices actully dont mess with airplane's navigation system, maybe thats just me.

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