Rumour Crusher: Grand Theft Auto IV Out This Month

A few folks have been getting a bit... how shall we say this? "overexcited" about Grand Theft Auto IV. The latest rumour to do the rounds is that Rockstar's massively anticipated sandbox shooter will be out this very month. SPOnG can confirm that alas, this is not the case.

SPOnG decided to put in a call to Rockstar on the off chance some development miracle has happened and were told, in no uncertain terms, "It's coming out in Spring next year." Sony's website, then, bears either old information or a straightforward administrative error. Sorry folks.

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Bebop4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

' Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer

The hugely anticipated, new installment in the ground-breaking Grand Theft Auto series is set to arrive in October 2007. '


Frulond4034d ago

If I'm correct that's the first GTAIV video that they got into the PSN (the old one just showing parts of the city). They should just fix it and end with this rumor cause I'm sure is not coming this year (or at least thats what my guts say... or maybe I'm just hungry)

sticky doja4034d ago

Seems playstation updates their website like they update their PSN games and demos.....few and far between.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4034d ago

or your link doesn`t work(maybe for me).


i think, this is happening.

it`s far fetched I KNOW, but somethings up.

Spartan154034d ago

"Seems playstation updates their website like they update their PSN games and demos.....few and far between."

I guess you have been living under a rock the last month while the playstation has been getting 4 demos each week.

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HeartlesskizZ4034d ago

hahah Biggest Rumor so far for this month, Rock* never lie but this will be really good if is true.

Fighter4034d ago

40GB PS3 w/GTA IV and Spiderman 3 blu-ray bundle.

P.S: Not to be taken seriously.

thornh4034d ago

If you go to the R* site and pre-order the game directly from R* (either PS3 or 360) it says the game is available in 2008. This, of course, still proves nothing but that is what it says.

Frulond4034d ago

EBgames has it listed for march '08 (I also used the preorder thing)

ASNNetworks4034d ago

OR that's what Rockstar wants us to believe, and is it planning to release GTAIV this October ;)...For the ones who didn't get it...It's a JOKE...I have to be honest and say that I really wished this was true, and there was a chance with the 'Big Bang' announcement...But thought that it was TOO good to be true, sadly....Ahh, well...I could have expected it....

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