First SingStar PS3 Review: 9/10

While it's hard to appreciate at the time of reviewing before a community has been formed, the whole thing is user-friendly and massively impressive. Get ready to watch some seriously bad singing that you could scare animals with. You never know, a few weeks from now you could be as famous as "that guy" singing Chocolate Rain.

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MK_Red4033d ago

I've never played one of SingStar games before but with promise of so many tracks and lots of DLC, I may be persuaded to get this one.

power0919994033d ago

I enjoy Kareoke(sorry spell check didn't know it either) from time to time.

That is only when I am at a bar drinking though.

Do you feel this could rival the "group" fun of a Guitar Hero? I have never really played a game like this, but always hear how much fun they are.

nasim4033d ago

another AAA to ps3's lineup

so nice

marinelife94033d ago

I hate to do Karaoke but I love to see others try to attempt it (American Idol). I might pick this up and a keg just to have some fun one friday night.

The Dude4033d ago

Finally a AAA game for the ps3. Obviously a must buy.

AdolfBinBush4033d ago

yep, this is it.. THE HALO KILLER!! let the festivals begin!

Bathyj4033d ago

PS3 just won Europe.

Probably be big in Japan too.

SL1M DADDY4033d ago

Europe and Japan love their Singstar. You can bet that this game along with a price drop will move units fast. It’s like candy to a baby.

Bubble up from me.

Bebedora4033d ago

it's not lovely so I have to pass on this. Wait till the real (fps) journalists have the teeths on this and downgrade it for not having any BFGs to blast with. They will scream in panic and swear like they were the lead vocalist in Slayer.

felidae4033d ago

I'm from germany and the people over here love the Singstar series.

Can't wait to play this one on my PS3 :-)

BulletToothtony4033d ago

is that you on your avatar?? lol i'm jk dude.. i enjoy your comments (for the most part ;0) )

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The story is too old to be commented.