Rumour: Cheap PGR 4 before the PAL release date?

If you're au fait with the whole import scene, it seems that you'll be able to get hold of Project Gotham Racing 4 ahead of its PAL release, because the game is region free. According to, the Asian version of Bizarre's final instalment in the Gotham series will work with all three territorial versions (PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J) of the 360, and better still, actually has the Asian version in stock.

Although 360Gamer are not able to validate this claim at the moment they point out that Play-Asia's usually pretty reliable when it comes to such matters. Better still, with it being the Asian version, it's considerably cheaper (£25, sans tax and import duty) than the official PAL release will be as well – so not only does that mean you can probably get hold of Gotham 4 earlier, you could wind up saving a bit of cash, too.

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esemce4131d ago

Uk gamers will not be able to trade in the NTSC version later on as its not accepted.

sgaap4130d ago

What do you mean by trading in?