PS3 Version of Battlefield 3 Has the Lead Over 360

According to Christina Ann Coffin, a frostbite engine coder at Dice, the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 has the lead at the moment.

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Joule3649d ago

If only this was a PS3 exclusive.


kaveti66163649d ago

If only this was a PC exclusive.


Pandamobile3649d ago

Yeah, cus BF2, 2142, and BC2 didn't sell millions on PC right?

Ducky3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

...The Battlefield series would've died years ago then.

BFBCS is amusing. There's more 360 players than PC/PS3 players during the night-time it seems. (But more PC players during the day)
If those stats are to be trusted, there's more PC players than PS3 players. Though I don't know if it counts each soldier or each account.

Though being an exclusive wouldn't do much. Not sure what anyone gains by having a game restricted to one platform. Just suit each game to each platform and you're good.

RonXD3649d ago

The Battlefield series would have died years ago?

Without PC players, the Battlefield series would be nothing. So what makes you think that it needs to be put on consoles in order to survive?

Pixelated_Army3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I wonder how the 360 crowed is feeling right about now after reading that little bit of info direct from a DICE dev. Hrrmm. Huh? Wut?

Hey it's only fair, I mean after all you guys did get COD:BlOps right? RDR. So this time we get BF3 of the best and also prettiest FPS around. I call that even. :D

Wow KZ3 and BF3, SOCOM 4, Resistance 3 all in the same year? PS3 FTW. lulz

Day 1 no question. DICE I love you!! :D

(I think it's cute that you're trying to make this into a PC vs. PS3 battle but this is really between the 360 and the PS3 and so far we're kicking your asses!)

Iroquois_Pliskin3649d ago

it shoulda been Ps3 and Pc exclusive, just like Agent and that DC game. Xbox can keep COD

Redman223649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

How I'm feeling right now. (bubbles? lol)



nix3649d ago

but still the likes of IGN and co. will come out and fully defend 360 version. wait and watch. waaiit and watch.

kancerkid3649d ago

Wow, a year out from release and we already have the console fanboys warring over a game which will run 10x better on a capable PC.


Ever heard of optimization?

JohnnyBadfinger3649d ago

The word 'Lead' doesnt mean 'Better'.

I think everyone has completely misread the statement, and are using it in the wrong context.

I'm pretty sure whats ment by the statement is the PS3 is being worked on before the 360. Since porting from PC to PS3 is apprently difficult, i'd be working on the PS3 first aswell.

In the end verdict i bet my life on the 360 being the better of the console versions. But we are only talking a difference in light and shading.

Both games will be identical... so stop clingy to any news that says "PS3 version is better than..." because your just kidding yourselves.

kaveti66163649d ago

@pixellated army

nobody cares, man. you have to enter this little bubble to make yourself think you're ahead of somebody.

Redman223648d ago

"The word 'Lead' doesn't mean Better"

'so stop clingy to any news that says "PS3 version is better than..." because your just kidding yourselves."

I just have to ask this and please don't take offense but umm, do you work for Fox news?

Dee_913648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

@Redman22 I feel more like this

i love how people here argue over details the average gamer wouldnt be able to see .. in other words pointless shit

cmon n4g there been some pretty good debates which is why i signed up on here but lately ive been dumbfounded by how people make the smallest things the biggest issue
but i guess what ever to keep the site busy eh

Rainstorm813648d ago

Bring up battlefield on consoles and all the PC elitists get their panties in a bunch.

I swore they were talking about the console versions, we all know the PC version is the main focus for DICE, thats exactly why the article isnt about PC....

i swear PC fanboys are the worst..... with their constant need to call out and degrade every console title.

i mean read some of the comments, insecure much?

disagree button is down there, fire away.

Marked3648d ago

@ rainstorm81

If you spent a small fortune to get an elite PC to validate your E-wang..... wouldnt you try every way possible to justify it?

Part of me can relate though, I did drop $599 on a PS3. Now I cant stand that the weaker console (360) has developers creating games for the lowest denominator.

bozebo3648d ago

lol epic comment and a lot of well deserved agrees

bozebo3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

@Marked has the right idea.

But anyway, no. The reason PC is better is because of dedicated servers, modding & mouse+kbd.

Graphics are really a non-factor to me, in the end I just want to play the game properly.

Anyway, PC gaming is in fact the cheapest as long as you buy smart (ie. don't buy from a nooby high-street retailer because they sell you an overkill CPU and an incapable graphics card for twice the price it should be).

Since sandy bridge and the latest gpus came out it is possible to play at 1080p with >60fps relatively cheaply.

There are a few key reasons why PC gaming is cheaper:
The games cost less because the publisher/developer doesn't have to pay platform licesnse fees - and you have a massive range of original franchises at really low prices for the same reason.
No xbox live payment (which is how microsoft make money from the xbox, think about it).
A wider and more competitive component market (no overpriced controllers of shoddy quality that need replaced, or proprietary adaptors simply to force people to pay more, like play and charge or the 360 wireless thing).
Think about how much a normal home computer costs, what is the price difference between that and a gaming one? Yes, less than the price of a console (though at the current stage in the console product lifecycle they are not expensive).

Sure, a lot of people spend more on PC gaming than they really need to for no real extra benefit. The real issue is that you have to get a custom built one (yourself or a friend etc.) otherwise you get ripped off.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with console gaming, of course I own consoles too and they certainly have their merits. People just have some annoying misconceptions about PC gaming.

Highlife3648d ago

Man you people crack me up. While you fight over which will look better (who really cares when the gameplay will be the same) I am going to go back to playing some Killzone.

SeanScythe3648d ago

Do you work CNN? No real info or facts just brainless comments.

dabri53648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )


Cause PS3 exclusives sell a ton?

How about we all just hope the game is made the best it can be gameplay wise before we worry about how awesome it looks. If the graphics were really that important to everyone here, it wouldn't be a question of which platform to get it on. PC.

JBaby3433648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Thank you for that comment Seanscythe. The things people say now is just amazing. Wake up peeps.

On-topic: I didn't really see any huge difference on either console between Battlefield BC 1 or 2 so I really don't think there will be any significant difference with Battlefield 3.

Rainstorm81 is right on the money. I've come to the conclusion PC fanboys are the worst. If you even say a console game looks good they are quick to come in and say "PC always looks better..." on and on for no reason. They really have a complex. PC will of course have the better graphics compared to consoles but playing with mouse/KB is a real pain except for RTS games and I don't like sitting at my desk more than I have to.

RonXD3648d ago

Fanboys in general are insecure, Rainstorm.

Check the Battlefield forums. The PS3 fanboys are blaming the 360 for "holding the PS3 back again". They seem to think that the 360 is the reason that the PS3 version of BF3 will only go up to 24 players.

Then they name MAG as an example of PS3 being able to do 256 players. They do not understand that MAG and BF3 are two different games, running on two different engines.

Mr_Objective_3648d ago

Lets be honest. Both versions will look very similar, run similar and play similar while PC will shine the brightest. If you get off on pointing out the slight differences then thats your problem. Just enjoy the game.
^^^Objective comment

Ju3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Re: I didn't really see any huge difference on either console between Battlefield BC 1 or 2 so I really don't think there will be any significant difference with Battlefield 3.

You know that BF3 is running on FB2 a complete rewrite of the FB engine (evolutionary). Dice was proud to "compete with the vistas of UC2" in BC2.

Let the devs see what they come up. Dice seems to like a challenge. BC1 & 2 were basically same engines on both PS3 and 360 (PS3 port), looks like they go a little bit more aggressively with BF3. I like that, the SPUs can really be utilized to use FB2's features. I would want to see a difference between PS3 and 360. If it would be just the technical perspective, I would think there will be a difference (dynamic lightning, physics and AI using SPUs can boost the engine a lot! read the postmortem for KZ3..) - look at DAII full MLAA (or sort) in the PS3 version.

Maybe multiplatform developers are getting to push the PS3 now like Sony's devs did in the past. It's about time I'd say.

joydestroy3648d ago

it might not be a PC exclusive, but the PC is the lead platform and that's good enough for me! lol

davidmccue3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

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BattleAxe3648d ago

I like the sound of this. Looks like EA is continuing to use the PS3 as the lead platform for their console products. If DICE has the talent that everyone claims they have, then I'll be looking forward to seeing a top notch product on my PS3.

TheLastGuardian3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I really don't feel like buying another standard military FPS game this year but if I do It's going to be Battlefield 3. It's not day 1 though.

Battlefield 3 >>>>> Modern Warfare 3

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SJPFTW3649d ago

LOLOLOL to bad the PC version will look 10 times better than the PS3 version.

Criminal3649d ago

The PC version is obviously the definitive one, but more like 3 times better. 10 times is bit of a stretch. Lol.

MAJ0R3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

anti-aliasing alone is enough to make it 10 times better lol

DX11, much better textures, more players and effects make it like 100 times better

ironmonkey3649d ago

yea but wouldnt sell as much as ps3 LOLOLOL

Silly gameAr3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I love how the PC version of a game is always compared with the PS3 version.

Not really.

SJPFTW3649d ago

lol to all the idiots like ironmoneky that think PC version of battlefield will not sell as much as the PS3 is just retarded. Battlefield has been a financial success on the PC it will probably sell way more than the PS3 version. The loyal fanbase is on PC and since its a primarily a multiplayer experience piracy will not be a problem. besides quality > quantity. Developers like DICE are only selling inferior products to consoles so they can make revenue and give us PC gamers the true next gen experience. Have fun with sub-hd consolefags.

Neurotoxin3649d ago

Even though PC gamers are the worst type of elitist nerds, they are right about the PC version being head and shoulders above consoles.

Pjuice3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

might not sell as much the 1st month as consoles but i bet it will be closer than ppl think in that 1st month, though over the next 1-2 years bf3 on pc will outsell both consoles, pc games keep selling well over time and usually get better cause hardware gets better and older hardware gets allot cheaper so more and more ppl can play at higher settings and at a better frames and pc gamers get to play against better players of course :-) the pace is so much faster on pc cause everyone can aim better, even magnetism, auto aim, snapping, acceleration and friction scripts for console aiming can't help the controller keep up with the mouse and keyboard in an fps, devs do try there best to make sure you think your aiming with that controller though :-)

Imalwaysright3648d ago

@ Major Why? Does antialising, DX11effects and better textures make the game more fun? Does it make its gameplay better or with more replay value? In the singleplayer campaign does antialising make the story, better or interesting characters? If not then to me at least the PC version wont be superior in any way to console versions. To me what will definitly make the PC version better is K/M and mod support.

bozebo3648d ago

"Developers like DICE are only selling inferior products to consoles"

er, bfbc2 on pc was an obvious console port. Still far better on PC of course.

I think they were testing the waters to see if they would get incredible console sales, they did ok but not enough to focus entirely on consoles. Most of the annoying bugs were on all platforms anyway.

It is odd though, battlefield 3 will sell the same numbers on pc and the same numbers on consoles no matter how good/bad it is - so they really have no reason to bother. Of course, I hope they do try to make it amazing (they might need to hire more competent programmers though, bc2 was the buggest game I have ever played)

Killman3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Too bad that the PC is a constantly upgraded device, while the PS3 is a device that released nearly five years ago.

the_manson_charles3648d ago

and 360 too..

*look for mw2 for example*


metsgaming3648d ago

maybe on max but on computers that most people own it wont.

Pjuice3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

@killman to bad you could have a 5 year old pc still run games better than a ps3 just like it did 5 years ago it would be so easy for even a 7900gtx or an 8800gtx to run games in 1280x720 at 30fps the 8800gtx can run allot of even newer games in 1920x1080 with decent frames and atleast with pc you can upgrade when you want not when sony tells you to.

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WhiteNoise3649d ago

It would still be 720p 30 frames or less with no AA/ 55 fov and less players, what's your point?

starchild3649d ago

Hmm, where have we heard this before? We'll see.

chazjamie3649d ago

ya. i have a feeling its to going to be the worst out the 3.

Criminal3649d ago

This game actually makes me want to buy a new gaming rig just to enjoy how beautiful it runs on the PC.

-Superman-3649d ago

Battlefield is PC game
It would be better to be PC exclusive

Hanif-8763649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I'll wait until a see a Digital Foundry comparison then i'll shout for joy. I heard comments like these before with the actual product being completely different from what the dev's stated. However, Battlefield Bad Company 2 does look better on the PS3 with the Xbox360 version suffering from a texture dithering effect thats completely absent in the PS3 version. Well, i wouldn't say its better because both versions have its faults. Dice is one of the best developers around but hopefully they focus on getting both versions running good like they did before with BFBC2. However, things are different this time around with PC being the lead but the only draw back with that is that i hope that they give the PS3 version special treatment being that the system's architecture is almost completely different, so a straight port wouldn't be enough.

Here is the best site for comparisons; BF:BC2

So, plus and minus points for both versions of the game, but clearly the visual drawbacks in the Xbox 360 version are the more noticeable overall.

Bad Company 2 360 has an ever-so-slightly higher average frame-rate, and a small, but noticeable advantage in terms of screen-tear

Conclusion: PS3 better graphics and as for the Xbox360 version? A slightly better average frame-rate and screen tear.

Personally though Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs great on my PS3 so i'm happy it got the slightly better graphics.

evrfighter3648d ago

why bother? that even HD? maybe 10 years ago. You have a long while before it drops. Save up the money for a gaming pc and experience HD gaming.

Ju3648d ago

I certainly do care.

I want them to do what Guerilla did. They could push much more polys and detail in KZ3 vs. 2.

If Dice can manage the same with BF3 vs. BC2 this is all I need (i give a rats ass if the PC is 10x better - won't get spare me the replies...and yourself a bubble. thx).

From a pure potential standpoint doubling what BC2 did is possible. That's what I want to see. And, yes with full a MLAA implementation (no AA, LOL).

otherZinc3649d ago

The PS3 version wont work online.
Then PS3 owners will have a petition drive complaining!

SoSLy3648d ago

wtf? what are you smoking? I told you not to follow Charlie Sheen's footsteps!

Hanif-8763649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )


In the clips above, lowest frame-rate was 25FPS on PS3, and 26FPS on 360: the difference essentially unnoticeable when averages are at 29.4FPS and 29.8FPS respectively.

So there goes the Xbox360 better performance in BFBC2 just merely .4 fps lol

Kurt Russell3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I have the game on both platforms (sad I know...) And must say I see no difference.

Brosy3648d ago

Well this is bad news for the 360 crowd. Now the game will be dumbed down graphically and run like sh*t. Thanks Dice : (

Mr Tretton3648d ago

Finally a 3rd party company putting the SPUs to work

Big_Dom3648d ago

Not that they'll make a noticable difference considering that a quad core processor is touted to be more than enough for the PC version.

Mr Tretton3648d ago

Obviously I'm talking about what's good for the PS3 version itself, I'm not doing stupid fanboy comparisons.

Ju3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Can you PC nerds please STFU. We were discussing PS3 here. We get it, now GTFO, thx.

Vherostar3648d ago

I hate these articles because if it comes out and its better on 360 or on par because of great coding the 360 fanboys will use this article to laugh at ps3 fanboys and start a huge flame war.

Ju3648d ago

Possibly. We'll see if Dice can deliver. What I want to see is them beating KZ3 (they won't...but, I hope they'll be close). If the 360 can keep up I will be impressed. But eventually I will play PS3 and I want the best result possible for my console. If the 360 gets it, too, fine with me.

Ginbe3648d ago

Crysis 2 story and bullshit incoming in 3...2..

TBM3648d ago

God this generation of gamers is utterly pathetic. All I see on this site is stupid fighting over a hobby that we all. 360, PS3, Wii, and PC fanboys looking like idiots every single day over the dumbest of reasons.

Who cares which platform is performing better then the other as long as all three are running at optimal levels when the project is done.

Alas I know that the fighting will not stop because there are a lot of children on this site.

Shane Kim3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Yeah I didn't think there were anything worse than 360 fanboys, but the PC crowd is by far worse. Guess it's couse they are tops 16 years old and all they play is either CS and/or CoD:BO.