A Possible NHL 07 Demo For Xbox 360

There is a big confussion at this point, there are two versions of a story, one that says YES and the other proves NO. So basicly all the gamers are a bit lost in the scenario.

The "yes part" comes from Electronic Arts, which said on its official Web site the following: "NHL 07 is right around the corner but why wait? The Xbox 360 playable demo is live on the 360 Marketplace now! Fire up your Xbox 360 and download the NHL 07 demo before it's available in stores."

Now, there the big catch... The demo wasn't up on the Marketplace as of press time - and the "no part" kicked in.

But this is not the first time a mistake like this occures. Same thing happen at the end of June, when the demo for the Xbox 360 shooter Prey was already late.

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