Dark Sector Dev Interview: DualShock 3 Rumble, PS3/360 Demo And More

With the announcement of DualShock 3 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, PSU wanted to get an inside scoop from developers and find out how they are implementing it.

Here in their interview with Sheldon Carter, Producer at Digital Extremes PSU get exclusive details on the new Dualshock 3 rumble and how it is utilized in Dark Sector.

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Bathyj4086d ago

Jeeze, way to waste a whole interview on Dual shock. Why not interview Sony if thats all you care about.

picker3324086d ago

lol what a unnecessary interview!
Im mean who cares dualshock3 is like dualshock2 but maby little bit better rumble.Pls give up already!Lol...

SL1M DADDY4086d ago

But that interview was horrible. I am not a fan of rumble an dlove that event he 360 allows you to turn it off. I know some like it but is it really that big a deal to make an entire interview over? lol

Rhezin4086d ago

wow sony is still trying to get rumble. Better get on top o dat.

Sevir044086d ago

the demo release which will prolly be december 27th because thats the last thursday in december. and since the game is releasing on january 22 that leaves it 3 weeks to ship which is kind of what we've been seeing lately.

thats all i really cared about

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