Gears of War 3 ultimate leaked story.

Gears of War as most know to have a hardcore story line, but in Gears 3 the story line looks to be fearturing some new charcters. Plus many new maps and games modes for online game play. With the basic hard core story line.
This games is one of the most antisapted xbox 360 game release this year.According to Game Informer's preview, Gears 3 begins a year and a half after the end of Gears 2 and the fall of Jacinto, with the Gears now living on an aircraft carrier called "Raven's Nest." In Gears 3, main character Marcus Fenix and his ever-present partner Dom are joined by Anya Stroud and new character Jace Stratton, all four of which will be playable in the new four-player co-op mode.

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NoobJobz3647d ago

Had nothing to do with the story. Described a few MP maps.

Downtown boogey3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

The author is still correct that "This games is one of the most antisapted xbox 360 release this year" and that is has a "basic hard core story line."

Downtown boogey3647d ago

Oh for Christ's sake, I was being sarcastic!!

DelbertGrady3647d ago

I'm antisapting this games.

Jacks_Medulla3647d ago

The author doesn't even know how to use spell-check.

AAACE53647d ago

With the economy getting so bad, they can't even afford editors anymore! "Antisapted"... Really? Must have attended school in Wisconsin. Hell, I know a few people here who have gotten 4 year degrees who have severe learning disabilities, but found ways to cheat the system!

Pretty sad actually...

PhilieDeee3647d ago

lol i live in wisconsin :3 i can spell just fine

RockmanII73647d ago

Really? Go back to 5th grade.

ultimate-remag3647d ago

he spells the same as he pronounces lol..

dragonelite3647d ago

Then he is still wrong.
It should have been Anticisapted

StarScream4Ever3647d ago

How the hell is this 'leaked story'? It describes a few multiplayer maps. >:O

prettyboy13647d ago

correct me if im wrong,but im pretty sure gears story line are as stale as that chip i found the other day under my dont have much hope for gears 3 story either

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