Conan gets 7/10 from Eurogamer: Mature? Heck no. Stupid fun? Oh yes

They say American's don't do irony, yet this hilariously adolescent slash-em-up has been rated M for Mature in the US. Clearly, there's precious little maturity on display here but what is on display is a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet of blood, guts, boobs, blood, guts and a bit more blood. And boobs. One of the first combos you unlock allows you to slice both an assailants arms off, leaving them writhing and spurting on the floor, and it only gets more bloodthirsty from that point on. Heads fly off, torsos are bisected, intestines are yanked out with bare hands. Following even the smallest skirmish, the ground is awash with blood and severed body parts. Mature? Heck no. Stupid fun? Oh yes.

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MK_Red4087d ago

"blood, guts, boobs" The perfect B-movie... eh, B-game.

Seriously, Conan is the first true B-game. It's not a masterpiece but it's also no garbage like Vampire Rain or Hour Of Victory and it's stupid fun!

Can't wait for this game. After heavy games like BioShock, I really need some stupidity.

mighty_douche4087d ago

sometimes its nice to just sit and play without having to try so much, just chill out and kick some monsters in the nuts.

still, think ill stick with the miss's t1t's rather than wanking over pixilated jubbles.

HowarthsNJ4087d ago

What's up with that?


The Dark Knight4087d ago

ive got it and i must say if you have had a hard day of work this is the best game to chill out on cause its so corney its funny :P

FFVIIFan4087d ago

But I was hoping for a little more from Conan.

Mwaan4087d ago

It's aggravating how action games get slammed for not being as good as Ninja Gaiden or God of War. According to the logic of critics, I should only watch the movie Citizen Kane. Everything else is garbage and a waste of time.

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