Google gives Microsoft nightmares

Investors in Microsoft are grumbling that their company already has poured too much money into online efforts with few rewards. The online division's annual operating losses top $700 million, and revenue has increased little in two years.

Financially, Microsoft has coasted for more than a decade on the strength of just two pillars, Windows and Office, which generated more than $22 billion in profit last year even as its other divisions posted a collective loss. The company has pumped that cash into new products on many fronts.

It has chased consumers with the family of MSN services, spending a fortune on search technology to compete with Google, and with the Xbox console and video game titles that have eaten up more than $6 billion. It also developed the Zune media player.

Although the Xbox 360 has become the best-selling next-generation console, Microsoft's gaming division has yet to turn a profit. Zune has scarcely slowed the rise of Apple Inc.'s iPod. And Microsoft's search engine is falling farther behind Google's, attracting only 11 percent of the U.S. market in August compared with 57 percent for Google, according to ComScore.

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Maddens Raiders4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

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not gaming related.
Reported by: The Round Peg
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Is that Midol wearing off? Oh the word's of the indomitable Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain.."

Wait...maybe the Oregonian is really run by Gamer/TechBlorge right? And it's a massive Sony hi-tech commercial hit team that has infiltrated local Seattle news agencies to counter Redmond with (((fake))) news and send threatning letters to Nintendo members to get them to quit the company as well, ya know - to battle the whole wii60 crowd. Hmm..right -


bilal4035d ago

microsoft has gotten nowhere with all the other projects....its only strength is windows....and soon as the shift is made for web based operating systems in 2 to 3 is not very promising for microsoft.

microsoft is very desperate on the online front, they are buying things here and there but nothing big came out of it as of yet....i have heard that microsoft is in talks to buy facebook.....

BIadestarX4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

So you think SQL server, Visual Studio, .net,, C#, are all failures? how about robotics studio, silverlight, WPF, hotmail, xbox live, xbox 360, team systems, sharepoint (oops did I mentioned stuff you never heard of?).... etc... you sure know very little to make such big statements boy... just keep doing what you are doing... and upgrade the memory from that linux server... you will feel a lot smarter once you learn how to upgrade a hard drive...

ItsDubC4035d ago

Just because you know of some Microsoft properties that others on this site don't know about doesn't mean you can list them off as if they are successes. Silverlight and WPF have yet to prove themselves long term. Visual Studio is clunky and buggy at times, particularly w/ dll management. Oracle 10G and DB2 are chosen over SQL Server by many large businesses. .NET is Windows-specific and therefore is generally not suited for low-level applications.

So while I don't think MS's other projects are failures, I also don't think they're the successes that you're trying to make them out to be by taking advantage of the fact that you know more about them than other members of this site. Take your condescending posts elsewhere.

mighty_douche4035d ago

dude your one if not the biggest xbox fanboy on this site and what surprises me is that you actually have computer knowlegde and yet you still act like a biased child.

no matter how many fancy names you try and kick out if you read the articale it states that the made profit from WINDOWS and OFFICE, not all the crap your using to try and look smart.

no one with any knowlegde of the industry (such as yourself) can deny that M$ are having hugh problems, 5-10 years ago M$ were basically printing money but lately consumers have become more knowledgeable and know of other companies and refuse to put up with the crap that M$ is currently putting out the door.

Douchebaggery4035d ago

that perfect way to resume every bladestar post

SmokeyMcBear4035d ago

ah dubc..glad you are around to put baldstar in his place.

bilal4035d ago

you are ignorant...

what about sql server.....there are better alternatives like mySQL, SQLite that are used much more than sql server...and are FREE

.net and c# are things of the past .....they didnt keep up with java (FREE and MORE POWERFULL) and its frameworks for mobile development j2me,
and whats the point in mentioning visual studio?

in web development AJAX, Ruby on Rails , flex and open lazlo are used and all of them are open source except for (flex)...what does microsoft have to compete with ROR...its a hallmark for web 2.0 applications and wait for it...its FREE

silverlight is to compete with flash which has total marketshare right now....but i would reserve my judgment till i use silverlight

hotmail has its as* handed to it by gmail

i wont say anything about xbox as it would only ensue chaos...infact other than xbox ..everything else u mentioned is already way behind todays development tools.

and ur comments about upgrading the hard drive and linux server made me laugh....i am working on a project which i am currently deploying on a linux serve (ubuntu server to be exact) and i would remember to send u the link as soon as it is done....

TylerDurden4035d ago

mySql isn't enterprise ready, and that is why it is free. Oracle and DB2 do have a lot of Fortune1000 type customers however Sql Server's market share grows every year. Sql Server is one of four MS products that product over 1 billion dollars a year. In fact the server and tools unit (which Sql server is a member of) has the highest revenue and profit growth rate inside of MS

Name a better IDE than VS. How is Java more powerful than C#? C# is free as well. The .NET framework has been ripping marketshare from Java/J2EE over the past couple of years.

MS created Ajax before it got a trendy name. Who created XMLHttpRequest? MS that's who.

bilal4035d ago

Name a better IDE than VS??


"How is Java more powerful than C#? C# is free as well. The .NET framework has been ripping marketshare from Java/J2EE over the past couple of years."

microsoft has nothing substantial to compete on the same level with j2me...aslo the ripping marketshare statement is incorrect. its the other way around.

"Who created XMLHttpRequest? MS that's who." this is a gross overstatement...what AJAX is right now is far far from just XMLHttpRequest....even u would know that

plus asp has lost share to php,perl, python and other server-side and scripting languages.....

TylerDurden4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

.NET passed J2EE in marketshare back in 2006. Keep in mind J2EE had a big head start. However as of 2006 .NET commands 60% of the market.

"Although the term Ajax was coined in 2005, most of the technologies that enable Ajax started a decade earlier with Microsoft's initiatives in developing Remote Scripting."

As far as J2me, ever heard of the .NET Compact framework? In fact .NET is more flexible/powerful due to Pinvoke and unsafe code. In order to achieve some of the same functionality as .NET, J2ME needs to implement 3rd party API's or Java vendor specific api's.

As far as Eclipse. It's a matter of preference, and framework you are targeting. I actually think both IDE's are good. I don't agree with you but I see why you would prefer Eclipse and I know that there are many others who feel the same as you. As there are many others who would agree with me

XxZxX4035d ago

TylerBurden, it's just matter of preferences. You guys went on and on pointing the cons of each other frameworks. C# ASP.NET has memory leak, we spent 3 days working with Microsoft tech support, checking IIS dump after dump to figure out the problem. In the end, we have to kludge the memory leak ourself. .NET framework has unsafe code too, or else you won't see patch after patch to the framework. Nothing is perfect, it just preferences. Either C# or Java, they all have pros and cons, but they all can do what you ever you want.

TylerDurden4035d ago

Your right it is a matter of preferences, as both frameworks are good and increase developer productivity. I was just replying to bilal's original post where he mentioned that no other good projects came out of MS other than Windows or Office. Sql and Exchange are billion dollar products. .NET and VS are wildly popular and successful.

As far as unsafe, it's actually a keyword in C# and doesn't necessarily mean that it is dangerous. Just that the ref won't be managed by the Garbage Collector. Which BTW .Net shouldn't have a mem leak since memory is manged by the GC. There are other factors that could contribute to the leak so I am curious as to how you guys ran into one.

But yes you are right both frameworks have pros and cons, and can pretty much do what you want them to do.

BIadestarX4035d ago

mmm.. let me see how do I start with against the anti-microsoft linux wanna be nerds...

First of all... did you guys realized that bilal edit his first post which included the word "failure" when referring to all other microsoft properties? which the sole purpose of my response was to list a few of the products that, "So while I don't think MS's other projects are failures"...

@ItsDubC - nice to see your personal opinion about Visual Studio and SQL server... ohh yeah... I am a @[email protected]#$ DBA(OCP)... so I coded many big projects in oracle.. but I also happen to be MCSD(Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) and MCT(Microsoft Certified Trainer.. I love software development... as stated before My mom and dad are also programmers... let's just say it runs in my family... I learn programming as far as I can remember... I can code in assembly, javascript, vbscript, GWBasic, QBasic, Perl, Java, C, C++, asp,, C#, vb3 - 2.0, CGI, and hell.. I am even certified in stupid A+ because my mom felt I show know about hardware... I created database in Sybase, Mysql, Oracle, SQL server, access, and even freaking Foxpro... I learned linux kernel like the top of my head because I've being involved in VOIP development for a while where I created various applications including Sip Proxies, and down to the metal PBX apps... I know more than most of you about linux than most of you posers that think you know $h!t... want to talk about the Oracle you praise so much? are you certified? let's play the game I show you and you show me? I'm willing to scan all my credentials, certifications and master degree diploma in computer science and awards I gotten from many Open source projects like The National Institute of Standards and Technology for my contribution to the SIP community which is mostly linux based.

@bilal - do you even know what you are talking about? ohh let's start with Ajax... do you know the history of Ajax(XMLHttpRequest)? do you know where Ajax originated.. which company was the first to introduced ajax? do you know what apps was the first one to use Ajax? I've being working on Ajax applications since 2000... just because companies like google are creating a bunch of APIs so data entry copy/paste coders can feel like you are real developers it does not mean it's new.

"Ruby on Rails , flex and open lazlo" ohh why.. do I also have to be familiar with Ruby?

Ruby uses variables named $`, $', etc.. This hacker parlor trick is the worst outrage you can inflict to a program. You are guaranteed to confuse anyone who isn't intimately familiar with Perl if you use these variables. Luckily, a module called "english.rb" allows you to use more meaningful names, but not everyone uses it.No overloading. That's right. If you want overloaded methods, you need to declare one method with a varargs signature and decide what code to invoke based on the types of the objects that were passed.

To others in this site but these fanboys.. I would like to apologize if I went overboard... but I hate when people accuse me of being a Microsoft technology sided developer when I know more than all of them put together and they have not done anything to better the Open source community, speak of linux and Windows and yet know very little about both. Challenge me... ask me... test me... about any topic you think you know better than me about Non-microsoft OS, database, and you will see what's the product of having a Dad that's primarity a microsoft platform developer and a mom that's linux, open source and you are forced to learn both sides... I can play both sides.. I'm very familiar with both sides.. I'm experienced in both sides.. I know the differences and strength from both sides.. and as the lead developer on the company I work for.. I oversee all sides and decide which technology and platform will be use in what project.
there I gave you more reasons to hate bladestar... but bladestar is not as "Idiot" as many of you think...

"and ur comments about upgrading the hard drive and linux server made me laugh....i am working on a project which i am currently deploying on a linux serve " there you are only a linux guy.. I am all... I'm never wrong about these things.. when you have someone that talks about microsoft platform so low.. and speak of monopoly and bla bla... it's always a single minded person... I wonder why... is it because you feel you can't learn it all?

My paycheck reflects my ability to deploy the best solutions to the client... if a linux platform is the best solutions based on the company's resources and staff.. than that's what it is... Unlike you anti-microsoft people think... linux is not the answer to everything.... you want me to hate microsoft because I like linux? and if I don't then I am a microsoft fanboy? right...

You can't come and talk about what's better if you don't know both.
I'm not your typical microsoft only developer.. I will better you in your own domain...

Bring it on... pick.. one.. let's talk about Ruby vs C#... let's talk about TSQL, XML datatypes, and oracle.. let's talk about their strength and weakness..

ohh yeah and about free.. kid.. do your research...

SQL Server 2005 Express with pretty much most of the features of the full blown SQL server 2005 including Sprocs.... FREE!!!!!!!

how about IDEs?

Visual C# Express

bla bla... there is a free dev env... for everything including for web developers.. with intellisense... even if only to edit css, javascript, and html is kick @$$.

ohh yeah.. and about microsoft monopoly... I lieve in the US... I make money working in Microsoft platforms and others.. I leave that up to you guys to care or fear that... I would be more concern about Americans letting foreign contries like China and Japan monopolize our economy.

XxZxX4035d ago

TylerBurden, Technically it won't, but it does or else we won't spend 3 days fixing this. Garbage collector in some exception occasion doesn't do it jobs correctly. We have to work around it.

TylerDurden4035d ago

I am just curious to know. I know others on this thread don't care, so PM me the details on what issue you guys ran into.

BIadestarX4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

@TylerDurden - don't bother with XxZxX... lol... I think he just indicated clearly how much he knows about .net that he had to spent 3 days working with Microsoft tech support.... wow...
Memory leaks.. don't happen just like that... maybe you stupid @$$ app... was not closing the db connection... or probably doing circular references... you know all the other dumb mistakes that rookies make when they first start learning how to code... 3 days microsoft support! ahhhhhhhh hahaha! ohh wait.. it's microsoft fault! has bugs! your boss may want to think about saving some resources and outsourcing your job.

@SmokeyMcBlunt - uhhh.. no.. 30% of all revenues in my company are not even deployed on microsoft's platforms... " if it fails, then basically he fails.. interesting" uhhh.. no.. but... good luck waiting for microsoft to fail... your obviously know too little about business as to think that microsoft can fail from day to another as many of you Sony fanboys keep predicting since... uhhh... ever...

@AllroundGamer - I own shares from multiple companies including google... does that make me a google fanboy?

"but you fail at life man " define fail in life? you mean like how microsoft will fail?

You people are just funny.. you always want to win.. and when you can't this is the result... lol.. you are even hoping something bad happens to me... why? because I don't hate microsoft.. which is the company that makes the xbox 360... lol.. dude it's not luck.. or monopoly... or microsoft fault... success is only for the people that try..

So, while you are trying to find reason why your life suck so bad and why companies like microsoft suck so bad.. and finding reason to hate entities... some of us go to college... and work our @$$ of to be get and be what we want to be. @#[email protected]#$ microsoft or linux... or any other company... they are all tools to me... I make a living out of all these technologies and tools... while the limited minded one like yourselves... try to find ways to hate one company or another... I use the tools that makes my work easier and get my clients happy.. who ever they come from. Period. You people that think that just because it's microsoft are only hurting yourselves... because all these companies are the same and have the same goals... business is what matters... kind of stupid how you ignorants make Microsoft vs Sony or Windows vs Linux a moral issue... as if anyone using windows over linux is evil... wake the @#[email protected]#$ up... not everything is a conspiracy... and not everything is while or black.

SmokeyMcBear4035d ago

ah i see now, baldstar's entire life is dependant on microsoft, if it fails, then basically he fails.. interesting

XxZxX4035d ago

poor bladestar he think Microsoft is so perfect.

AllroundGamer4035d ago

well what's worse than being a fanboy? being a shareholder :D

ItsDubC4035d ago

Wow bladestar, you totally mislabeled me as an "anti-microsoft linux wanna be nerd" and for some reason thought that I actually care what your resume looks like.

I can believe you have all of the credentials you say you do because your lack of social skills clearly support such an imbalance.

artman4034d ago

oh, my hotmail now is the only place i use for registering id to unknown website ^_^; coz it's too much junk already...
and the only thing I still can use it is msn messenger, nothing else.
I prefer pages than words, or numbers than excel... even keynote than powerpoint

the only thing keeping me using windows is 3D studio max, I'm just waiting when autodesk release 3D studio max for mac, the I gonna say bye bye forever for MS

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Maddens Raiders4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

do you work for Microsoft or have a partnership with them? Forget the 360 (if you can) I don't think I've ever seen anyone on this site defend the Monopoly of Microsoft as vehemently as you. There's got to more to it than just your love of the XBox imho. You have no problem with them buying their way into everything and diluting innovation, the small business enterprise mentality , and the basic tenants of responsible & fair business practices? Maybe your just a big business guy ala Wal-Mart, China-Mart; ASDA. Maybe rhetorical questions, but I would really like to know.

Bill Gates4035d ago

No Maddens, you're wrong. Bladefart is neither of those things. He's just a fanturd, and nothing more.

He strongly believes that M$'s downfall is not imminent. M$ is working so hard to push the name Halo out because they know what it can do for them. Come on man there's lots of other US companies out there in on the deal as well.


AllroundGamer4035d ago

bladestar is a MS shareholder, he provided this info by himself in a older comment, so why do you wonder? :)

Maddens Raiders4035d ago

I did not know that he's a shareholder. That makes a little more sense now if true.

Still, I would love to hear from Bladestar on the questions re: ethics in general, that I posed.

chrno4035d ago

lol bladestar doesn't have any ethics; if he is a billionarie he probably wouldn't give a single penny to a child in the third world.

XxZxX4035d ago

bladestar shareholder, please you give him too much credit. He maybe hold some stock in MSFT but he probably own 0.0000000000000000001%. of MSFT. He is just a fanboy that love microsoft to death.

BIadestarX4035d ago

XxZxX - are you pretending to know about my $$$? lol... I'm willing to bet that I pay more taxes in one year than what you make in 2.

You people want me to hate microsoft and I have no reasons to and for that you want to undermind me by jumping from one topic to another.. now is how money I have and my ethics.. and my donations?

XxZxX4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

LOL Don't be too sure about that.Awww just 2?? lol I can guess how much you earn now. Although you can brag that too some people in college, that's not something i can be proud of. Keep working on it man.

SmokeyMcBear4035d ago

damn didnt anyone teach you to not be so smug about your paycheck.. i hope karma does a number on you. You might be a success in your little business world, but you fail at life man

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Skynetone4035d ago

there just copying products that are all ready successful and trying to beat them at there own game which is never a recipe for success

but in saying that there going into proven markets and are looking for a piece of the action

ms may never out-do these products but one can only try and one day they might get lucky

when you have this much money why not take a few risks, windows aint going to collapse over night and they will still have plenty of money for a few years yet

PS3n3604035d ago

Innovate dont imitate. Although I do love the xbox and everyone should be thankful for the competition, things like Zune are just lost causes. MS gets all p1ssed when anyone enters the OS ring but then copies everyone that has anything remotely successful thinking that if one company can make something good that MS can make it better by throwing more money at it. Xboxx hardware issues are enough to warrant a reconsideration of priorities. MS should have simply started a game software studio and left it at that. All the great 360 games would simply be great Playstation games instead. Leave hardware to hardware makers.

PS I cant believe I just said all that.

gololo4035d ago

I think it serves MS well. I mean they are always using sneaky tactics remember how windows was born?, (any apple enthusiast will tell you about it), how they tried to block the Java Virtual Machine from being run on windows, how they tried to steal Java from sun (, bundling IE with windows, let alone Windows Media Player...releasing buggy software/hardware!!! I mean enough is enough...and consumers sooner or later will notice how bad some of their products are (not all). The only thing that I really thank MS is the creation of the XMLHttpRequest object, but even then, I don't like their software, I don't like windows (even though I use it sometimes), but I am glad that giants like Google and Apple are gaining more and more momemtum since I completely like their ethics. But at then end, everything is business, so....

kurruptor4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Their products aren't necessarily buggy because their programming sucks. They seem more buggy than other programs for 2 reasons.

1. their products are used waaaaaaaay more than other equivalent products
a. more use = more bugs being found
b. more use = more hackers looking for exploits, hackers aren't going to spend time looking for exploits in Macs because it is just more beneficial to hack Windows which is more popular

2. their products offer many more features and unfortunately in the world of programming the general rule is, the more complex (features, scalability, etc) you want it, the more dangerous it is (existing bugs, being exploited, etc)

Trust me, if tomorrow 85% of the world used Mac instead of Windows, then thousands of Mac bugs would be found, thousands of viruses and hacking tools would be invented for Mac

gololo4035d ago

I partially agree with you but dude...some of their design/programming decisions are just pretty bad...just two days ago I saw some webpage trying to block copy/paste functions...I never noticed this cuz I always browse on Firefox...but that time I was running in IE the clipboard was disabled! And I mean, I could not copy and paste anything in to form or in the address bar...and the culprit is that IE supports access to the Window's why even support access to the clipboard? I mean I can think in many ways that this can be exploited, but the functionability is there, but is not in FF. So, is it a bug? No, is just bad design/programming, and a security hole. So, I sill can argue about soooo many decisions that you see can haunt people in the future...and you'd think after so many years in the OS business, MS could get it right...but we are seeing the same old pattern....MS is like "let me release Vista, get like 1000 updates, and then we are good", well is not good, that is why there are QA teams, beta testing, etc, and again is not like they are new at this. Perhaps they should be open source, then more people/volunteers would working on those bugs that they can't seem to resolve.

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