Huge Metal Gear and Snake update on Smash Bros Dojo

The Smash Bros. Brawl Dojo has been updated with two new updates today. The first update is a short movie highlighting the much anticipated appearance of Snake in the game. The second update concerns Shadow Moses Island, a new level inspired from opening area of Metal Gear Solid. According to the site, when playing on this level, Snake can communicate with his team who will give him information on his competitors.

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Keowrath4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

LOL that's awesome! The codec transmissions were pretty funny (especially the Samus one) and the Shadow Moses stage looks amazing. Looks like Rex and Ray will be popping up from time to time in the background.

Being a HUUUUGE metal gear fan makes me wish I had a Wii. Definately looks like a very cool addition to a great series!

Gratz Wii owners, I'm jealous! =p

Prismo_Fillusion4034d ago

I have dreams every night about giving pikachu the sleeper-hold or shooting him with a rocket launcher.

Okay, I don't really. But that'd be pretty kick-ass if I did.

Bubble for you Keowrath!

Keowrath4034d ago

Haha or strapping him to a Nikita rocket! =)

shysun4034d ago

The only game on Wii that I want.It's looking like a crap load of fun!

ChickeyCantor4034d ago

whatta ya know snake fanboys, he still looks cool, all your insecurity for nothing....geeze!

looks awsome, theme MGS4 love theme is awsome too