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Disgaea started out on the PS2 back in 2003 when it took Strategy-RPG fans by storm and caught everyone off guard. Nearly overnight the game became a cult hit among Strategy-RPG gamers and the title was highly sought after with copies of the game selling for over $100 on eBay. Disgaea features incredibly deep gameplay, great humor, unique characters, and offers challenging gameplay for newcomers and expert Strategy-RPG gamers.

In essence, the game is an exact port of the PS2 title but with a few new additions such as Ad Hoc multiplayer, Etna Mode, and Geo Cubes. Disgaea takes place right after King Krichevskoy death and the waking of Prince Laharl, who now must fight to keep the title of Overlord. Despite being asleep for 2 years, Laharl is ready for action with his loyal vassal Etna to ensure the title of Overlord in the Netherworld. Although the title will be focusing on Laharl, the Prince of the Netherworld, throughout the main story, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness will also highlight the story of the quirky Etna in her own storyline.

The main strength of Disgaea is the gameplay and the battle system. Prior to every battle there will be a short story, which lay out your basic objectives and then it's time for battle.

Disgaea plays out like your typical SRPG title with the use of a turn-based battle system. The game is basically a game of chess except with demons, magic, weapons, and spells while retaining simple control. With the use of a basic grid map and turn-based controls the game is very pick up and play. Disgaea will throw several strong enemies at you all at once and it'll become a necessity to level up your party members by fighting with them more often.

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MK_Red4086d ago

Wow, we had no good games for PSP all this time and now we are attacked by Disgaea and the superb FFTactics.

nurayi4086d ago

Jeanne D'Arc was pretty good, and playing SoTN and MSG:PO wasnt too bad.
but ya, now there is a flow of good games. :) bring it on

MattyF4085d ago

The PSP has had a slow start but recently it seems like more and more big games are releasing for it. This Fall looks really good for the PSP.

Xemnas4086d ago

Think i might get this game.

VegaShinra4086d ago

Disgaea on the Ps2 was awesome and now its portable with the PSP. Etna Mode should be fun as well. Buying this.

MattyF4085d ago

I played the original Disgaea forever. Etna Mode should be a lot of fun and having the game on the go is a dream come true.

VegaShinra4084d ago

Yeah, Etna Mode should be awesome. Etna was my favorite in disgaea ^_^