8.9 PGR4 Review

Project Gotham Racing 3 was not only my favorite launch titles for the Xbox 360, but while many others across the U.S. where lining up in anticipation for their own 360 I was plastered to my seat swearing that I couldn't get that next Platinum medal because of some damn opponent A.I. Maserati that was "cheating". Well I am back to my swearing, and Bizarre Creations has released their follow-up Project Gotham Racing 4 today. PGR4 is built off of a solid foundation of PGR3, adding in some additions such as motorcycles, weather effects, an improved Kudos system, and overall the entire game is completely improved.

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Maddens Raiders4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


-- "Visually Project Gotham Racing 4 is overall the best looking racing title you will find on any system at all. I say overall, because the environment is what sells it. They are far more detailed than even PGR3, store fronts are real with real companies, the lights and the spectacle of Las Vegas is captured perfectly, and at night, any locale with lots of neon running through the city will stream by and reflect off of your car impressively.
The car and motorcycle models are solid, but leave something to be desired. They are ((((only)))) truly impressive when you can see that everything that surrounds you is reflected realistically, or that rain splatters, runs down, and glistens realistically." --

Yet they give it an 8.9. Sounds like another heartfelt title that's been reviewed lately, eh?

oh well that's for ya.

The entire worlD knows there is only ONE [1] racing title that is worth spending money on and being called the Real ________ __________. In fact I don't even need to mention it, because you already know what it is. =]

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

InMyOpinion4034d ago

Well. Your beloved GT5 has backgrounds that look like they were taken from 28 days later. Because they've put all their effort (and limited gpu power) into making the cars look extremely polished, it creates a contrast that make the cars stand out too much. GT5 is superficial, all it really has to offer is nice graphics and lots of cars that you can't do anything with. The tuning options are the same as they were back on PS1. Physics, damage models and car feeling etc will never come close to what Forza 2 has to offer (I'm not talking graphics anymore just so you know.). From what I've seen it doesn't even have weather effects.

What I'm trying to say is that while you'll be sitting and playing GT5 thinking "Man, I wish it had weather effects, damage models, something better than bumper car physics, the ability to change the appearance of the cars" etc, I will be able to choose if I want to play a deep simulator (Forza 2) or enjoy an unmatched arcade racer (PGR4). Essentially, I get the best of both worlds. I still think calling PGR4 an "arcade racer" is downplaying it. It has very good physics, licensed cars etc, so it's far from as arcade as say Burnout.

PGR4 delivers the complete package. I don't agree with the reviewer, the vehicles look amazing.

Madden. You used to write pretty solid comments before. That was before you got your PS3 I guess. Now your just a jealous troll/drone etc. I guess you miss having a real gaming system...

NextGen24Gamer4034d ago

Visually Project Gotham Racing 4 is overall the best looking racing title you will find on any system at all.

Maddens Raiders4034d ago

Not even your delusional multiple account rants can put lipstick on this pig. Give it up. GT is the King and always has been. Everyone knows that. Stop holding up progress and move aside. Enjoy 2007 like one of those old bottles of wine you don't open for a long time. It's over.


TheMART4034d ago

Ah right... That's why Forza 1 got the same level and higher reviews then GT4 on the old gen consoles. In one try they equaled GT that had 4 tries...

GT4 HD's car drive like a wet towel on the track. What's so great about that?

Forza 2, PGR4 are king now on the road. Maybe untill GT5 (not that upgraded demo) comes around. But I bet Forza 3 will be here at the end of 2008 kicking it's ars again. Right here right now? The 360 has racing games. The PS3 lack of games is painfull.

sak5004034d ago

Calm down madden u're losing it...Just to cheer u up:

Heavenly Sword gets 6.5 from

WIIIS14034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

That's how it is with PS3 fans, they can only talk about how hypothetically great the games that haven't been released will be. This false sense of light at the end of the tunnel is all that they have left to keep their sanity intact.


Nicosia4034d ago

You tend the give the allusion that ''other games don't hold a candle with ##''. But the funny thing is you have been on every post about this game, that you dislike, and your attitude is like ''i don't care''. Then why come to these post? i think these revieuws have hit a nerve with you. There are 3 reasons that keep coming up ''They must be payed off'',''They are biased'' and ''this game sucks''(although you never played it) grow up... games that are good are meant to be played not over analysed.

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