Heavenly Sword Review by PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)

PALGN Scores:

Graphics: 9.5 - Brilliant across the board. Heavenly Sword sets a new standard of visual presentation in terms of the techincal, artistic, emotive and directive side.

Sound: 8.5 - While the soundtrack is sometimes a little confused on its orientation, it is certainly epic. The voicing is brilliant and complements the characters extraordinarily well. Sound effects somehow manage to keep together under all the action.

Gameplay: 8.0 - The combat relies on finesse, timing and a surpisingly robust auto-block and counter system. However, it is exposed as restricitive at times. The variety in the side missions, aftertouch and quick-time events break up the game very nicely.

Lifespan: 6.0 - While it only clocks in at around six hours, there are a few unlockables that are worth chasing. The price tag is disappointing but you can always import.

Overall: 8.0 - Driven by an excellent story and cinematic presentation, if you're a PS3 owner, Heavenly Sword is one of the exclusive HD experiences that you've been waiting for.

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Maddens Raiders4034d ago

Just a *small* taste of what this system is going to do going forward. PS3 is the future and Nariko is the Homecoming Queen.

picker3324034d ago

lol this game begin's to be old.
Stop Reviewing this game i think we got it.
This game is good but not great in my opinion.