Bizarre Timing - Is PGR4 Doomed to Fail?

What now for PGR4? Gameplayer examines the fallout from the Activision announcement regarding the purchase of developer Bizarre Creations, just prior to the on-sale of their highly anticipated racer. They suggest that Microsoft may now face an uphill battle marketing the game.

"Either way, the timing of this announcement couldn't be worse for PGR4. The game is getting respectable review scores and it certainly has a solid fan base, but we've suddenly found ourselves wondering some key questions. Who will manage community and server support into the future? Will the game receive quality downloadable content through its lifetime? Can we expect bugs and glitches to be ironed out with patches?"

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PimpHandHappy4035d ago

but this game will be fine. Im sure MS will make sure it has all the online surport it will need atleast this time around.

all you 360ppl will be very happy to buy this game and race online.

My buddy is a huge fan and i plan on spending some time over there when he gets this game!

Maddens Raiders4035d ago

Not if it doesn't go Head to Head with the Racing King. It'll be just fine. :P

MK_Red4035d ago

The year, the battle of best racing will be between PGR4, Forza 2. Sad that Burnout Paradise missed it. It won the best racing of E3 award and could have done the same as for the racing of the year.

With Burnout gone, I believe PGR4 is the true winner because frankly, I think it's the best non-Burnout racing available.

mighty_douche4035d ago

im sure theres a decent fan base that will stay loyal to it. personally tho i believe if your really looking for a racing game, its gotta be gran turismo, as long as PGR comes out way before that it'll do fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.