Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception New Footage And Villain Unveiled At GDC 2011

Last week, Naughty Dog and SCEA held a packed-to-the-rafters press event at the PlayStation.Blog lounge at GDC 2011. The anticipation from the invited press was palpable as they all filtered into the PlayStation.Blog lounge – afterwards, word on the street was that we delivered.

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Eamon4887d ago

A theory. Naughty Dog specifically made Kate talk about "cheating death." When she takes Nathan's ring he says "No!" Kate is in old age. And she gets happy at the sight of his ring. The name of the game is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The term "Drake's Deception" is interesting.

Perhaps, Nathan's ring gives him immortality or at least makes him lucky when encountering dangerous situations or near-death moments? He's had the ring since Uncharted 1 as he claims he inherited it. He leaves it on his ancestor's corpse but Elena gives it back to him.

KROBOS93939394887d ago

no god please no !
that would really be a boring storyline imagine having infinite health in uncharted...
but i trust naughty dog they'll do whatever they think is good

Eamon4887d ago

It's not infinite health. But the fact you can survive near impossible action sequences constantly throughout might actually be serving a higher purpose, no? lol

KROBOS93939394887d ago

i'm sorry to dissapoint you but appearently she want's the ring because it belonged to her ancestors

Eamon4887d ago

Actually it belongs to Sir Francis Drake who was part of the secret society that Katherine Marlowe is in so she feels it should belong to her society not Nathan.

But that doesn't really disprove my theory about the nature of the ring itself lol. I'm still going to bank on my theory =D

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InfiniteJustice4887d ago

Urban setting! This will be amazing. I want to see Drake and Sully in a stylish bar.

Fishy Fingers4887d ago

Rather see some gameplay or something, but a good gig for Helen Mirren :)

Christopher4887d ago

It's not Helen Mirren. Voice actress is Rosalind Ayres.


PR_FROM_OHIO4887d ago

Damn i need this game asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UC3 will be EPIC!!!!!!!!