Crysis 2 PS3 Single Player Gameplay Footage

MEGamers had a special hands-on event for Crysis 2 organized by EA where the publishers showcased a near-final build of Crysis 2 on PS3. We managed to capture some of the first level of the single player campaign on camera. Check it out!

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Shaman4354d ago

I know its off screen but DAMN,SP looks mighty fine :)

starchild4354d ago

I tried to tell people that it would look amazing on all platforms. I knew Crytek were not bullshitting when they said that it would be one of if not the best looking game on all three platforms.

Personally, I know what Crytek put into their games and I think this game surpasses any other game on consoles in terms of pure graphical tech.

Xfanboy4354d ago

Crytek is always high quality since farcry 1!! Why would that change now?? I drool for pc version though!!

DoomeDx4354d ago

Exacly why its Sub-HD right? And has alot of pop ups?

Dont get me wrong, Its a good game, but not on the consoles in terms of graphics.

DualConsoleOwner4354d ago

Very pretty game...

but it isnt that better than other multiplat games...

you will see what i mean when you guys get to play the demo on PSN as well.. :)

paintsville4354d ago

I don't know. It's choppy. I've played the 360 version and it was smooth. Ps3 version is pretty choppy and bad jaggies. But you have to give crytek kudos for makeing the best of what they had available with ps3 antiquated divided ram and drastically inferior GPU. Go Crytek.

BattleAxe4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Don't you ever get tired of being an idiot?

Anyway, I've played the 360 version and the PC version and they both looked good with the PC version having slightly better textures, but before I decide on whether to get the PC version or not, I'm going to wait to play the PS3 demo on the 15th.

Kazu0 Hirai4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Yeah man this game looks pretty damn good on consoles, especially the 360 version. I am impressed with what crytek has pulled off. On ps3 it looks good but its running at a lower res and the frame rate is noticably lower.

Unfortunately for a PC gamer like me they have consolized the game too much with the new engine not looking anywhere near as good as crysis 1 (judging by the demo). Not to mention it felt like COD with a nanosuit.

I wont be buying this game, i really feel like crytek sold out with this one.

ps: I was judging the ps3 version based on other videos, not the crappy ones posted here.

MaxXAttaxX4354d ago

Probably not the best looking PS3 game we've seen, but it's really not that bad.

Dude4204354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

I'm really getting tired of people saying Crysis 2 is consolized now. All we get is a couple of SP videos and an MP demo with only 2 maps and already some of you are saying it doesn't look as good as Crysis 1. Why don't you guys do your research before concluding that Cryengine 3 looks nearly the same as Cryengine 2.

"Buuu...Buuu... Crysis 2 is more linear!"

"Buuu...Buuu... Crysis 2 doesn't render jungles, so not good like Crysis 1!"

This video is self-explanatory.

Agent VX4354d ago

PC version of the game sets the new standard in graphics, in which the old "Graphic King" was the original Crysis on the PC.

It is really sad that the demo hardly tested my rig on full detail, especially when my rig is only a dual core, mind you with crossfire 6870's.

Still, this only shows that us PC gamers are gonna have to suck on these kind of poor graphics until the next gen consoles come out.

HolyOrangeCows4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

"I tried to tell people that it would look amazing on all platforms. I knew Crytek were not bullshitting when they said that it would be one of if not the best looking game on all three platforms"

Sub-HD, poor AA, pop ins.....nope. Not even close to being "the best looking game on all three platforms"

Obvious troll is obvious. Nathan wouldn't want to be Marcus....Nathan gets hold of treasure and is in a better game. And he can....GASP...jump.

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RatherHavaBigGirl4354d ago

trading kz3 for this if its not fixed. crysis 2 looks great. better than any exclusives ive seen so far. amazing!!!!!!!

DualConsoleOwner4354d ago

Even LoT unwillingly admitted that Killzone 2 looks better

Yes the game that was released two years ago.
Killzone TWO looks better than Crysis2.

Mr Tretton4354d ago

KZ3 is getting a big patch this week.

GodofSackboy4354d ago

Haha! You don't even own a fucking PS3! You're always trolling PS3 articles!

nycredude4354d ago

And they say n4g is home of Ps3 fanboys. It's more like home of retarded 360 trolls.

RedDead4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Breeding place for all trolls. Common knowlege on other sites that this site is a troll breeding ground. Once the 360's now the Ps3. Dunno if Pc ever ruled the site, I don't think so or atleast I don't remember, and how could the Wii have fanboys....?

maxcer4354d ago

"Even LoT unwillingly admitted that Killzone 2 looks better"

you just proved the point that ps3fanboys are more interested in pretty graphics and not great gameplay. no wonder you keep listing the super linear games like uncharted and godofwar, all a developer needs to do is post some in-game QTE sequences and you all go nuts over it.

gypsygib4354d ago

@ NathanWants2bMarcus

360 fanslaves are really getting pathetic

Jazz41084354d ago

kz2 looks better then kz3 so thats not saying much.

starchild4354d ago

@ DualConsoleOwner

Oh so now LoT are reliable? You guys flip-flop more than a fish.

In any case, LoT only compared the old 360 multiplayer Crysis 2 demo to the retail Killzone 2. Nearly every preview of Crysis 2 I have read said that the campaign graphics were much more impressive than the multiplayer beta or demo graphics. Many of those previews also stated that Crysis 2 is in the running for best graphics on console.

So, you are going to believe your mortal enemies at LoT over all the other journalists out there?

Even the site that these videos come from, MEGAMERS, said that it looks as good as anything else on the platform.

Here's the quote:

"visually speaking – leave no doubts, the PS3 version looks spectacular and on par with anything you have seen on the platform."

This is a common theme in many of the previews I have read. Normal gamers and journalists can see that Crysis 2 looks as good or better than anything on consoles at the moment. PS3 fanboys are in the minority, clinging desperately to a deeply cherished notion that top PS3 exclusives can never be surpassed.

It's time to wake up. There is nothing that says that exclusives have to be better looking than multiplats. It's true that exclusives as a group TEND to look better than multiplats as a group due to a more focused development process, but at the end of the day software is software.

It requires more effort to achieve bar-raising results on three different platforms, but it is entirely doable. Last generation the best looking game on consoles was a multiplatform game, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The fact that it was available on three different platforms didn't stop it from being the generation's best-looking game on consoles.

There is nothing that says that a multiplatform game can't be the best looking game on this generation's consoles as well. Crysis 2, Rage, and Battlefield 3 all have a shot at that.

Ifone4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Paintsvill or other troll in denial's new account....nothing multi can't compete with ps3 exclusives, its not news, just accept that fact fanboys.

Its really to see them always hoping, "bububu halo3 1080" "bububu alan wake" : don't be silly, inferior hardware can't compete, every gamer know that since unchzrted 1..

xXSilentXx4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Even Crysis in 2007 looks even better than Killzone 2 :)

RatherHavaBigGirl4353d ago

@DualConsoleOwner: who the hell is LoT?...doesnt matter cause in MY OPINION crysis looks better. dont give a damn what 'LoT' thinks

@GodofSackboy: i own a ps3 slim model which was purchased after my 60gig ylod. i dont troll but if you definition of trolling is being honest then call me a troll then. i dont own a 360 so i cant say much about it. thats why i stick to the ps3 forums. but youve been to my home to tell me what i own right?

@nycredude: i dont own a 360. sorry my opinion over a game bothers you so much. imo crysis looks better. big deal

@gypsygib: again, i dont own a 360. you call me a slave yet you defend ps3 over my opinion. i have no loyalties to ms or sony and if i feel a game is crap, mediocre, good or great ill say it unlike you, fanboy

@Ifone: no idea what the hell youre trying to express. but the jist is that you believe ps3 exclusives cannot be topped. in your mind thats true if thats what you believe.

bozebo4353d ago

To be honest.

I have seen a lot of gaming on ps3, 360 and PC.
I own a 360 and since I built my PC in 2008 the only time I even touched my 360 was to play ODST and Reach.

I built my flatmate a PC in 2009, he has a PS3. The only time he even touched his PS3 since then was to play GT5.
We have a wii in the kitchen that is played nearly all day!

I have built 4 other people PCs, all of them have consoles that now gather dust until a top exclusive comes out.

The bottom line is consoles are only good for exclusives & sitting together and playing for teh lolz (hence why the wii does so well). The graphics really should not be an issue at all, I care far more about gameplay than graphics - forcing epic graphics on an incapable piece of hardware and resorting to 30 fps or even sub 30 fps is a really bad sacrifice.

Obviously we want to push for better graphics, so if a game does not look amazing it won't sell well: that is an incredible shame. With a PC, you can play with amazing graphics and >60 fps, but of course it can be expensive and you cant chill on the sofa (as easily).

I dunno, all forms of gaming around these days are good. Go lay down fanboyism because it helps nobody.

All platforms have their pros and cons.

Kahvipannu4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

I agree with you Nathan, this looks technically something what we haven't seen on consoles so far. I still can't believe it's "sandbox"-game. Kudos to Crytek, waiting eagerly footage from theyr "medieval" game. (tought I don't have X0 anymore, atleast not working one)

Only problem for me is that there is way too many games out there, so I might miss this one. I'm currently playing thru Witcher (pretty damn awesome by the way!), and next I have DA2 to play, UC 1 and 2 waiting at my table, Shogun 2, the list could go for ever... I just wish I had more time for games these days..

"And they say n4g is home of Ps3 fanboys. It's more like home of retarded 360 trolls. "

You do realise he got 77 disagrees, and got blamed for being X0 fanboy from the comment he made, which wasn't obviously trolling. And it really doesn't matter who you would had been replying with that comment, it's just provocative to flame more same kind of behaviour.

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RBLAZE19884354d ago

Soo...who here remembers me tellin everyone to stop freaking out about the ps3 versions and that they were stupid to cancel pre orders cause of what one guy from ign said...Told you that semper fi trailer looked like that because the global lighting was overcast instead of sunny. I guess now you guys can pre order your copies again right?

This games gonna be awesome!

FACTUAL evidence4354d ago

is it actually better looking than kz.......3?

Ifone4354d ago

Kz3 on psp, perhaps...

damnyouretall4354d ago

some people just cant play fps. could barely kill 2 guys in the first video. why do clueless people get to play these games first.

Drjft4354d ago

That's how the game is idiot. I've played it plenty on both Xbox 360 and PC (Singleplayer completed) and the enemies are difficult to kill.

damnyouretall4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

well i guess im an idiot if you say so. anyways id enjoy the game more if theyre harder to kill,,sounds cool . rumours had me believing ps3 was gonna be trash, that didnt look bad at all

Spydiggity4353d ago

if you don't know how to screen cap...just don't make youtube videos. this is pathetic. what year is it?

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xtremegamerage4354d ago

Fuk yeah, i'm amazed that's PS3 tbh.

Looks like crytek knows what they are doing on PS3 after all.

And that early vid which looked cloudy was infact a different time of day with low quality encode.

That does look might fine, and crysis2 looks that good on PS3, on PC with some DX11, should be another notch higher.

I'm playing through Sp alot atm, think it gets overshadowed at times with MP.

therapist4354d ago

a notch, are you joking, the pc version will completely, utterly and whole-heartedly disembowel the ps3 version

lol, 720p is like from 1996 and it does not even run in 720p, its like 623p or some crap

honestly, it will look better than killzone 3 and it will look 1 million times better than halo reach on consoles, but the pc version will spank the console version into the next millenium.

there are so many jaggies in the console versions it is UNPLAYABLE after playing the pc version

sourav934354d ago

Dude, what's your problem? It is obvious that the pc version will look really good, and will be much better looking than consoles. However, the way you're saying it, it's as if the difference in graphics will be like the difference between half life 2 ep 1 (without mods) and metro 2033 dx11 max settings.

If you haven't seen both the pc and xbox 360 demo, I recommend you do so for comparison's sake. Though the pc version looks fantastic, albeit it is on dx 9, it's not a great leap from the 360 version.

And tbh, I don't think that dx 11 will make THAT much of a difference where crysis 2 will be UNPLAYABLE on consoles after playing the pc version. The game looks great on all three platform. Lets just enjoy that fact and move on.

xstation794354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

The online on the pc is UNPLAYABLE because of all the cheaters

nickjkl4354d ago


you know in 1996 720p might of been a resolution

but the effects geometry etc sucked compared to today

MadMax4354d ago

Man, you really need some therapy! Talk about being delusional.

Arnon4354d ago

I just played the multiplayer version on PC. It's pretty damn gorgeous. I'm not going to side with anyone here, but I know without a doubt that DX11 actually WILL make a difference, especially with tessellation. PS3/360 versions will still look beautiful, as with any Crytek game.

Firestorm4354d ago

I disagree....

I've played the pc demo on at 1080p on hardcore settings, then went back the poor old sub hd xbox version. Sure it has some aliasing, texture pop in, less impressive lighting and everything else, but it still maintains a fairly solid look considering it's on console. Perfectly playable in my opinion tho.

....and yes, I agree that it is better looking than Brownzone 3, i've been rather underwhelmed by it

peowpeow4354d ago

Agree with you firestorm, but not about KZ3 mainly because I haven't played enough of both to form a solid opinion

AntiHeroComplex4354d ago

"a notch, are you joking, the pc version will completely, utterly and whole-heartedly disembowel the ps3 version "

PC version of crysis is a console port. PCs are much more powerful and of course you can do AA, and turn settings to max on high res.

But if you expect crysis on pc to be a lot better than consoles you are going to be in for a rude awakening... The fact that DX11 is getting added last minute should tell you something about where crytek's priorities are. PC gamers keep getting shafted.

Either way i wont be buying it on any platform.

Kleptic4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

this generation is changing around so fast its hard to keep up...

Now more than ever PC fans seem to be the most confused and unrealistic gamers never used to be that way, and I know not 'all' of them are like that...but still...

its always some guy is screaming about how 'old' 720p 'thats from 96'...while others try to point out that there is a lot more to a game than seems to be a waste in the first place...

face it...Crysis 2 on PC isn't going to be some ridiculous upgrade over the consoles...the entire GAME is built around being playable on consoles also...the PC version will not get extra geometry, extra levels, extra anything...its going to take the existing assets and display them in higher fidelity...

that is...higher resolution...higher AA...more lighting passes...and more physics related rendering...

Some of these PC guys act like Crysis 2 on PC will have 50 extra levels of absolute unquestionable photo-realism that is completely absent from the only thing it will have that the console versions won't is a completely destroyed multiplayer filled with cheaters and users playing pirated copies of the title...good for you...

thats will be a better looking version of the EXACT same game...thats all any console owners are trying to say...Rage falls into the EXACT same category...the console versions will still have the entire game...just not as good image quality...but still all the geometry and gameplay design...

the pc version isn't going to have more buildings...more environments...more things to do...more ways to play the game...or more anything...its just going to look a little better overall, but still be the exact same overall that really such a big deal that everyone has to scream about 'my version is the best, PC ONLY!1, listen to me now PWEEEZEEEEEE!!!'

when a PC gets another situation like Crysis...where is ONLY playable on a PC...does things that NO other games can do on other platforms...let us know...right now the PC is simply the place to get the best version of a console game...awesome...we are all very happy for you...but like or not, the consoles are keeping up just fine with everything besides resolution and AA...and, you know, console gaming actually lets the developers

Ducky4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

".the PC version will not get extra geometry, extra levels, extra anything..."

It will if Crysis2 has mod support.
... and I don't recall seeing any DX11 footage.

As for me, I'd consider the simple frame-per-second increase as a major difference.
Hence why a game like BC2, which although available on PC/360/PS3, is a much faster-paced affair on a PC; because the frame-rate isn't capped at 30.

Ifone4354d ago

Lol, every single pc game on best pc are on par with console, on your tv, when game is moving, stop pretending having pixar experience, everyone has a pc to check...

By the way, a multi on 360 can't look better, or just as gpod as kz3, or 2, stop dreaming xboxers.

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BubbleSniper4354d ago

"PC with some DX11, should be another notch higher."

i heavily disagree!

first of all, even withOUT DX11, Crysis2 gonna completely crush console. there is no compare unless you feel like compare something inferior to something superior.... and it be cut and dry

PC will have..

SUPERIOR resolution


Community support/Mods

consoles? wait for patch, 720p restricted, inferior out the box

all that already said this still gonna put most multiplat to shame on consoles and it do look better than a few console exclusive... i leave that to ur imagination

esemce4354d ago

Sadly Crysis 2 wont have DX11 at launch, and we all hope the pc version is way better than the demo.

nickjkl4354d ago

even without direct x ps3 version is still comptetive to the 360 version which has direct x isnt that amazing

Tony-Red-Grave4354d ago

thank god IGN was wrong if they had messed up the ps3 version if they had made it poor they wouldve just been a company with all bark and no bite

nycredude4354d ago


let's not get carried away here bro. I run Crysis and Farcry 2 and every other pretty pc game on max and it isn't the end all be all of graphics. True it's cleaning than consoles but it doesn't rape it like you pc elitist would have people believe. Truth be told i am more impressed with many console games than I am with most pc games.

mastiffchild4354d ago

Resolution, resolution and more resolution. 99% of people cannot pick between 720 and 1080p until the screen being used is above 42-50 inches. I have near perfect eyesight and my son HAS perfect, fighter pilot 20-20 vision and we can't tell something displayed in 1080 from 720 on our 42" TV sop I'm assuming people decrying 720P as 1996 tech all game on monitors of 72" with their rigs, yes?

On the rare occasions I'm allowed(by the missus) to hook up one of our big tellies to my PC I can't say that I notice any less detail playing on our 720 LG as compared to our 1080P Panny or my 24" 1080P capable monitor. Often all I can do at 1080 is take away the need to run highest AA as it isn't needed as much.

IDK-I get sick of hearing arguments over resolution when, honestly, most of us game on PC set ups with screens too small to make any use of it.

Not that I doubt the PC version will be a bit better than it's console counterparts but, on PC, the real issue to me is how it compares to it's older brothers Crysis and Warhead. We'll have all the options we take for granted on PC-which is one boon of PC gaming but to make out a drastic difference, for most gamers is just not realistic. It's still the same game and it's hardly painful having to see 360 or PS3 graphics no matter what the more zealous PC only gamers might tell us.

I'd take the options and mods over resolution as reasons to get the PC version and most of all it being cheaper. Can we drop the res being all important though? We game where we choose to because it's best FOR US as individuals and consoles have as many pros and cons as the PC does. Moaning over resolution that most of us wouldn't tell apart on our set us is what puzzles me.

Kazu0 Hirai4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

dude watching tv in high def is a lot different than playing a videogame on a computer monitor. there is a HUGE difference between 1280 x 720 vs 1980 x 1080. after gaming at 1080 res then switching to 720 i feel like im looking through parchment paper.

AKS4353d ago

I noticed a substantial difference when increasing the resolution from 720p to 1080p in resolution in PC games such as Crysis, Metro 2033, or Just Cause 2, but 1080p is generally a poor fit for console games. The tend to look and run better at 720p, which is why games like Killzone 3, God of War III, and Uncharted 2 run at 720p. Do people not get that bumping up the resolution on the consoles in most cases would probably require other aspects to be toned down? (frames per second, detail, FXs, ect)

There are many other factors that can make a much greater impact on the visuals than resolution. It seems like very few here seem to get that given all the silly "subHD" comments, or perhaps they do understand that other factors such as level of detail or postprocessing effects may have a more significant impact on the visuals but feign ignorance for trolling purposes.

Developers understand what works best with the hardware they are using and tend to will choose the settings that tend to make their game look and run the best it can.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who can appreciate things for what they are. I love my high end PC graphics and am making plans to build a monster rig by the end of this year, but I can still greatly appreciate things from previous generations like the character design, music, and artwork in games from previous generations like Chrono Trigger on SNES. All the versions of Crysis 2 look pretty decent to me, although I'm personally going for the PC version, as it looks sharper and has the best control setup for FPS with kb/m. I'd get one of the other versions if I didn't have a PC and feel like I'd still be very satisfied, though.

mastiffchild4348d ago

I guess it's me then. The fact is, though, I don't get a great difference on my monitor between 1080 and 720 at all-like I said it doesn't make me think "God, this is so much better, clearer and detailed". I take the point that it may well be a different thing using HDTV and monitors but I'm still puzzled cos I don't see it there either.

I upgraded for the first Crysis from a set up that REALLY needed it and have done so since too but find that 1080p usually means I don't need AA etc and can concentrate on running other setting higher and get silky FPS which DOES seem noticeable to me-but bare res? I just don't see it as that big a leap. It's nothing ike SD to HD in my book anyway-could be, mind, that the extras I piut down to haviong higher settings in other areas could also be partially down to the higher res on ,my, albeit smallish, monitor screen. Whop knows for certain? I just don't see it as be all and end all and also don't think playing on PS3 or 360 is as painful or awful as some of our PC number make out. Fact is all systems have pros and cons and suit different people at different times and a lot of this smacks of splitting hairs in a pissing contest nobody can win cos the answer's always subjective.

Wish I as able to sdo as much PC gaming as I used to but, again, falling out of love with mouse and keyboard as a control scheme(and not because it's rubbish but more because it makes your character almost superhuman in game and makes me too competitive n MP-alwats looking for the newest, next best set up and over all it stopped being THAT immersive for me even if i'm twenty times the player using it!!)and being limited to the smaller screen and study gets on my tits!!

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MGRogue20174354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Xbox 360 version should look even better then...?

Nah, Both versions should look pretty damn similar.. apart from a few "differences"

We'll find out what those "differences" are when Digital Foundry & Lens of Truth post their Face-Off articles shortly after Crysis 2's release.

And I don't know 'bout you guys.. But I'm *really* interested to know about those "differences".

Master of Unlocking4354d ago

Mate, if you visit Lens of Truth, you'll think the xbox360 is superior, not just on Crysis 2, but all the time. And you'll be wrong.

Tony-Red-Grave4354d ago

the only differences i think we'll see between the two is maybe better frame rate and/or enviroments

*framerates also include what the rate is during big moments, unless they only compare graphics then idk itll come down to what handles what better

DaTruth4354d ago

Nah, Digital Foundry will compare the demos that are older code and will perform better on the non-port version! Then when the final builds release and are comparable, Digital Foundry won't be bothered with it, like with Batman AA and pretty much all multiplats that have a demo... except Bayonetta, they were all too happy to do two Bayonetta face-offs!

Ace_19754354d ago

Already got Killzone 3. Epic game. Now I got my eye on this. Hope the PS3 version rocks. I don't want to get the 360 version as I have to get Xbox live again, and I'm not going to do that.

waltyftm4354d ago

Looks good, A lot better than the other video shown, Might rent it.