Gran Turismo Products Collaboration Page

An official Gran Turismo page showing-off all of the product collaborations between Polyphony Digital and car manufacturers over the years in the various Gran Turismo series.

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sonarus4036d ago

are these some of the cars in the game. Cause my mouth already watering.

kingofps34036d ago

All of these cars have been in the various GT games. In fact, hundreds of these, sometimes up to 700 of these.

I hope you don't cause any flood looking at GT5 Prologue. ;)

Lord Anubis4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I don't know if polyphony has a new slogan but in the PDF you'll find the the GT symbol accompanied by " The drive of your life"

on the nissan (Left to Right), after you click details I'm not sure if they are showing night shots but it looks nice.

vaan4036d ago

Holy sh1t, I love that weird Nike thing. It's cool what ever it is.

green_ghost54036d ago

Now this is one PS3 title to be excited over.

level 3604036d ago

Those concept cars are a great addition! This will be the biggest - benchmark game that will push the PS3 to new heights.
Fantastic work by Kaz-san and the Sony Polyphony group.