TestYourself: Psychology Hits PSN Today, Will Reveal Full Psychological Portrait

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Hey everyone! Bill from Creat Studios here with a very exciting news: All you fans that are looking for a deeper understanding of yourselves look no further than TestYourself: Psychology coming soon to PSN. Test Yourself introduces audiences to a unique mental experience on the PlayStation Network and will be released as a series of packs, each devoted to specific areas of psychological activity.

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MrBeatdown2784d ago

Psychological tests, eh? Might be a good thing for some of the people commenting on this site to consider.

egidem2784d ago

Finally, a game to set true gamers apart from trolling douchebags online

Spiden802784d ago

You Sir, deserve infinite bubbles!

Soldierone2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The "game" is a rip off right now. It shouldn't have even been released. It says it tests ALL these areas and when you buy it only the first two areas, Reaction and knowledge, unlocked. The other 5 or 6 just say "coming soon" and honestly if we have to pay anything to unlock these im calling sony and getting my money back, i dont care what BS they give me.

Its amusing for what you do get to play with, its a bit challenging, but i want the rest unlocked. I was interested in things like emotion and so on, something you dont find online everywhere.

Just finished reading the blog and WOW. Wish i read it before i purchased it. The description on PSN states " Get a FULL reading from ALL the differnt areas" It doesnt state "oh btw you will pay out the arse for each area"

Thats friggin BS....what a waste of money. Your paying 3 dollars for a simple IQ test an a quick time event series that lasts 4 minutes....when all is said and done (grante they keep it at 3 dollars and not more) you will be paying 12 dollars for everything. What a rip off.

Philaroni2784d ago

I just got the game not long ago and looked at the 'History' tab, they have many PhD grade people that worked on this to make sure it is legit. Many of the free kinds of tests online are not done right and don't test all aspects. I agree about the part of it only having two tests at the start, I thought it was all of them. But even if it comes to $12 that is one Pizza worth of $$ which is not asking much. Its not a game about fun, its about learning more about yourself.

Side note, it is done very well. This seems to be a long term project from what I was just reading and it is rather relaxing, reminds me of Flower.

Thesonygeniuses2784d ago

I did both tests and am super stooked for the other tests! I hope they unlock the other tests via patch update and not having to charge for the new tests.

Myst2784d ago

Hmm just looked at it and saw it was 2.99 debating if I want to add it to my order of AC:B dlc. I mean I kind of like taking psychology tests but not 100% if worth paying for. Wondering if someone who got it knows if it's worth paying for. See a few comments but would like a bit more input please.

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