Just Cause studio prepared for Xbox 720 arrival

CVG: The studio behind the much-loved Just Cause games has told CVG that it is "prepared" for any sudden announcement of a successor to the Xbox 360.

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velocitygamer4584d ago

Even if they do announce the 720 this year, it would be stupid since they just released Kinect.

plb4584d ago

Kinect will work with next xbox I'm sure. It's just a usb device.

Istanbull4584d ago

No new xbox or playstation will be released this year or next year, stop moaning, go back to your games

OGharryjoysticks4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

Istanbull, that's bull. Microsoft is definetely releasing a new system next year. The first hints were the media stories a little while back saying Sony might be planning a quicker next system to beat Microsoft. But thing is Microsoft runs the media basically and those stories basically said Microsoft wants you to think Sony might release a new system and even though nobody wants one, you should blame Sony when Microsoft releases one. It's a distraction technique in essence that gets Microsoft off the hook for lying about how they didn't plan to release a new system this soon when they suckered people into buying the 360 slim and Kinect.

Bookmark this.

New MS console releases in Spring of 2012. Will be fully unvieled at E3 this year. Price drop of 360 to 99 bucks soon so they keep selling until then

Pixelated_Army4584d ago

Shit and I was going to buy an Xbox in a couple of weeks, guess I'll hold off then.

Mystogan4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

Xbox 360 will be renamed the Xbox Casual and Xbox 720 will be called the Xbox Core.

They can still earn Money on the Xbox Casual (Since it will probably be a lot cheaper) and Satisfy real gamers with the Xbox Core.

I expect Halo 4 on the Xbox Core.

Seems like a good business plan to me.

I don't expect it to be unveiled this years E3 it will be Unveiled 2012 E3 and released by the end of 2012 or beginning to Mid-2013.

Active Reload4583d ago

This is cool. Epic won't be so lucky this time. I think everyone has learned...or have they. Whose gonna come with a game that makes the present graphics kings look like PS2 games? Or will that even be possible?

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Blad3star4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

Well this comfirms MS big annoucement of the 15 of this month.

@Joy - Hense the reason MS will still support the 360. I dont see whats wrong with having options.

B1663r4584d ago

Why??? That way they can have a low end console to go head to head with the wii, and then they have a high end console for core gamers, and can compete with the graphics that only the PC can muster.

Also, Microsoft just made a patent sharing deal with LG to get the kinect technology in LG televisions, and then they can use the Kinect as the killer application which it is... As a remote control device.

Agent_S4584d ago

Very interesting but it sounds like a business clusterfuck.

ATiElite4583d ago

why not just use a remote control. seriously kinect as a remote would suck cause every time you jump up and down during a good play the channel changes and you miss the Action.

joydestroy4584d ago

i don't care what it's called, when it comes out, or how crazy spec'd it is. i'm not buying another M$ console

Agent_S4584d ago

Your loss. We'll be sure to check back with you after its unvieled E32012.

joydestroy4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

no, not my loss. i'm a PC gamer who always puts the latest tech in his rig and i also play on PS3.

do you have any idea how many games i have that are strictly exclusive to my 360? one...
Halo Reach

so what is the point in paying for another console that's going to collect dust just like my current one?
i don't mind all the disagrees. it's ignorant to buy something just to let it sit.

Anon19744584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

I gotta admit, I'm in the same boat. I play maybe one 360 game a year now, but not because I have a gaming rig - because I don't trust this, my 4th 360. Why would I buy games for a system that just keeps dying on me now that the warranty is done? That's not logical considering my PS3 has proven to be rock solid.

I'm a gamer, first and foremost so next gen I'll probably buy the new Xbox. The original Xbox was by far my favorite console last gen. What I have learned is to not buy one right out of the gate - and if people are complaining about hardware issues to not ignore them and listen to Microsoft spout their "It's well within acceptable levels" BS. Being a 360 owner has been a nightmare of repair fees, fighting to get them refunded back, more repair fees, more fights until finally just shelving the unit.

For sure I'm going to wait at least a year next time to make sure the systems at least work properly. Unless, of course, Microsoft decides that casual money is more important and puts out a cheap, Wii like device. I think there's a real danger of that considering they might not even break even with the 360 before it's all said and done. If that's the case, I'm out.

Arnon4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

*Blu-Ray Player/HVD Player/Flash Storage Media
*Full digital download store
*2-4 GB RAM and/or upgradeable RAM
*3.5" internal HDD preferably 500 GB+ 7200RPM
*Radeon 5800 series equivalent
*i5 or i7 equivalent processor
*2560x1600 resolutions
*DirectX 11.1 support
*Console version of Windows 7
*backwards compatibility
*Kinect support (most likely)
*Better built

I'd dig it. It'll be outdated still in terms of an enthusiast PC build, but it'll still kick ass. Although if they were able to get an HVD player in that machine, they'd never have to worry about physical storage limitations.

Hell, by the time this new Xbox comes out, the current specifications listed wont be too pricey aside from an HVD player.

Ghoul4584d ago

welcome to utopia

those hardware parts would totally contradict ms policy they dont make that much loss on a hardware, never ever.

2560x1600 --- dream on
im very positive on a straight 1920x1080 hd

Arnon4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

Not really. Considering most of the cards these days actually do support a resolution of 2560x1600, it's not that far off. The only thing that would stop them is a persons monitor.

My $60 (at the time, now discontinued) 4830 supports resolutions higher than 1920x1080. Nothing there would contradict Microsoft policy. They'd just sell their own set of Xbox hardware. It's already being done right now. i5 processors are much cheaper, and by the time this comes out, they'll probably be dirt cheap.

B1663r4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

I say dream on, 1080p still has so little penetration that even when they up the fill rate 4-8 times faster than it is right now, they will use all that extra speed for more polys and effects on the screen and consoles are looking at tops 720p resolution video games for the next 10 years.

On Edit: The next cpu will be a later iteration of the PPC cpu that is in the current xbox, probably with more cores...

If they use a intel cpu it will be based on the sandybridge, but a specialized version just for the xbox.

hiredhelp4583d ago

they couldnt afford to manufacture i5.i7
intell wont be cheap if they did it mean ram need to be ddr3. buddy it just wont happen.

ATiElite4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Ain't no way in hell. You must be dreaming or your willing to pay $800 for a console but then again you might as well buy a PC.

the cheapest thing on your list is the HDD and that's $50 a piece maybe $30 in a bulk purchase. No DX11 support, DX10 if your lucky. 2GB DDR3 at $50 a piece. You do realize it would require a Motherboard and since you stated a Core i5/i7 (LMFAO) your looking at $150 minimum plus $175 minimum for the Core i5 (Core i7 LMFAO again) Radeon 5800 series GPU....NOPE more like some shit they pull out the basement that would be a low end HD4000 series $75. Blu-Ray well that's $$$$ to Sony on every xbox 720 sold. HVD OMG there like $1000 right now and don't even say SSD cause $128 will only get you about 40gb to 64gb

sure prices will go down a bit in a year or two but the Xbox 720 is being designed right now with PC parts from 2008 to maintain a retail price of $499 which would have M$ loosing money on everyone sold for two or three years.

2560 x 1600 from a console A HA HA HA A HAH AHAHA OMG my Stomach hurts from laughing. Dude either get real or go buy a PC.

Arnon4582d ago

You mean the PC I own that's running Crysis quite well (although the resolution of this shot was only 1680x1050 at the time)


No need to act butthurt over someone's dream.

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Eyeco4584d ago

there is a possibility, but it would be completley stupid seeing as the 360 is still selling well, what would be the point of killing of the sales ?

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Xfanboy4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

yesss!!! Just release it now for pc & release the the game with dlc included for x720 when it comes!! I don't mind!

Izanagi-no-Okami4584d ago

Microsoft already stated that Kinect is the new Xbox.

jakethesnake4584d ago

Of course they did. Why does that mean anything? The ONLY thing that companies hype is what they are currently selling (or immediately about to sell)

WayneKerr4584d ago

Although in ready now, I think they will announce it Next year but release in 2013.

nightmarex1214584d ago

That be bad then they will lose a lot of 360 sales b/c people will just be waiting for the new console.



yes because it will be 'new tech' and proberly shiny as well.

no because they can put the 4 gb console on the market for like £99(take a loss) but if it sells extra muillions, they will make it up with devices and software sales. casuals will lap it up!

hassi944584d ago

Well it always happens. Though they'll probably announce it like between april and june of whatever year then release it the subsequent fall time.